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Can you name the artists/shows featured more than once on Glee?

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EpisodesArtist/ShowSongs Used
Pilot, Journey
Pilot, Never Been Kissed, The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, Silly Love Songs, Pot O'Gold, I Kissed A Girl
Pilot, The Substitute, Choke
Pilot, Dream On
Pilot, Special Education, Funeral
Pilot, A Night of Neglect, Funeral
Pilot, Yes/No
Showmance, Home
Showmance, The Substitute, Yes/No, On My Way
Showmance, Blame It On The Alcohol
Preggers, Vitamin D, Hairography, Audition, Asian F, Goodbye
Preggers, A Night of Neglect, Nationals
Preggers, Born This Way, I Am Unicorn, Asian F
The Rhodes Not Taken
The Rhodes Not Taken, Funk, Journey, Silly Love Songs, Nationals
Vitamin D, Never Been Kissed
Vitamin D, New York, Yes/No
Throwdown, Never Been Kissed
Mash-Up, Home, Pot O'Gold, Yes/No, Big Brother
Mash-Up, Choke
Wheels, Duets
Wheels, New York
EpisodesArtist/ShowSongs Used
Ballad, Hell-O
Hairography, The Power of Madonna, Britney/Brittany, New York, The Spanish Teacher, Heart, Nationals
Hairography, The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Hairography, I Kissed A Girl
Mattress, Mash Off
Sectionals, Theatricality, I Am Unicorn, Choke
Sectionals, Audition, Asian F
Sectionals, Never Been Kissed, Yes/No
Sectionals, On My Way, Choke
Hello, Grilled Cheesus, Original Song
Laryngitis, Born This Way
Laryngitis, Funeral
Dream On, Grilled Cheesus, The First Time
Dream On, Purple Piano Project
Theatricality, Audition, Born This Way, Mash Off, Nationals
Journey, Purple Piano Project
Audition, Duets
Audition, Furt
Audition, The Substitute
Duets, Funeral
EpisodesArtist/ShowSongs Used
Duets, Big Brother
Duets, Props
Grilled Cheesus, Heart, Dance With Somebody
The Rocky Horror Glee Show
The Substitute
Special Education, Hold On to Sixteen
Special Education, Choke
The Sue Sylvester Shuffle, Silly Love Songs, Hold on to Sixteen, Michael
Comeback, New York
Blame It On The Alcohol, Prom-asaurus
Sexy, Rumours
Original Song, I Kissed A Girl
Original Song, Yes/No
A Night of Neglect, Prom Queen, Mash Off
Sexy, Rumours
Mash Off
I Kissed A Girl, Heart
On My Way, Nationals
Big Brother
Saturday Night Glee-ver
Saturday Night Glee-ver

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