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168 pins
184 pins two notches
184 pins one notch
240 pins notch in the center
240 pins notch farther to the left
Laptop memory
What must be installed in the empty slots when using RDRAM or Rambus DRAM?
What special feature does the DDR rams have that the other types dont?
Memory modules that support ECC or Error Correction have an extra _______________.
What is the term for the amount of storage for the memory?
What is the maximum amount of memory a 32 bit operating system can support?
When removing RAM from a computer it is important to always pull _________ up on the RAM.
If you find that you computer cannot account for a memory stick in you computer you should check to see if the memory is __________ properly.
Your computer has 4 RAM slots and there are currently two 256MB sticks installed. Your computer can support up to 4GB of RAM so max amount of RAM you can add is ________ GB
If you encounter an insanely hard CET problem you should probably guess which answer?

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