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Who lived (L) and who died (D) by the end of Downton Abbey?

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Anthony Strallan
Jimmy Kent
Sarah Bunting
Septimus Spratt
Daisy Mason
Beryl Patmore
Alex Green
Lavinia Swire
Alfred Nugent
Mary Crawley
Edith Crawley
Thomas Branson
Isobel Crawley
Gladys Denker
Richard Clarkson
Sybil Crawley-Branson
Richard Carlisle
Kamel Pamuk
Igor Kuragin
Sarah O'Brien
Elsie Hughes
Major Charles Bryant
Vera Bates
Matthew Crawley
Violet Crawley
Rosamund Painswick
Michael Gregson
William Mason
Gwen Dawson
George Crawley
Phyllis Baxter
Ethel Parks
Robert Crawley
Joseph Molesley
John Bates
Cora Crawley
Rose MacClare
Martha Levinson
Thomas Barrow

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