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Can you name the zingers against people of limited intelligence?

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Fill in the Blank
A few ______ short of a hardware store
Not the brightest light in the ______
A few fries short of a ___ ___
A few _____ short of a casserole
The gates are down and the lights are flashing, but the _____ isn't coming
A few sandwiches short of a _____
A few threads short of a _____
A few _____ short of a circus
A few _____ short of a fiesta platter
The _____ doesn't go through all the loops
A few Fruit Loops short of a full _____
A few _____ short of a Bunch
The wheel is spinning but the _____ is dead
A few toppings short of a deluxe _____
A few colours short of a _____
Not the sharpest _____ in the box
Fill in the Blank
Only has half a cord in the _____
The _____ goes to the top but the doors don't open
Three ice bricks short of an _____
A few marshmallows short of a bowl of ___ ___
A few cowboys short of a _____
Nice ____ but no bird
Not the ____ chip in the bag
One slice short of a _____
A few ____ short of a full load
One peanut short of a ____
One _____ short of a par
A few channels short of ____
One egg short of an _____
One book short of a ____
Not the sharpest _____ in the dairy case
A few pickles short of a ____

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