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This state was the first state to require license plates on cars
This state was the only state to host a formal ending to a foreign war
The first open heart surgery and bone marrow transplant were performed in this state
This state boasts the home of the tallest fountain in the world
The first dental school in America was open in the state university of this state
Other than Alaska, this state has the most shoreline in America
This state is home to the world's largest cactus plantation
When it comes to firsts, this state boasts four of them -- hamburger, helicopter, color TV, and Polaroid camera
The first community sponsored public television station is located in this state
The first scheduled steam railroad began in this state back in 1831
This state's motto is 'Oro y Plata' which is Spanish for 'Gold and Silver'
The longest-running live radio program in the world is broadcast in this state
This state has a city in which a woman in a 'hat that can threaten a timid person' cannot be seen eating an onion in public
Iced Tea was invented in this state back in 1904
Mother's Day was first observed in this state on May 10, 1908
This state has the largest state-owned sheep research center in the US
The official state gem for this state is the moonstone...ironically, this is a gem that is not native to the area
This state likely has the only city that willingly changed its name to name itself after a popular radio show
This state is home to the first subway system in the United States
This state has the largest ginkgo farm in the world
Post-It Notes are exclusively manufactured in this state
This state has undergone eight different changes of government and have had six different flags fly over its state
This state has the most microbreweries per capita in its state
This is the only state that does not have designated counties
This state's capital is the smallest state capital in the US and is also the only one that does not have a McDonalds restaurant
This state is home to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island
In 1882, the first Hydroelectric Power Plant in the world was opened in this state
This state's largest city has more hotel rooms than anywhere else in the world
This state has the world's only oyster museum
This state has its own zenith star named Arcturus
This state has more square miles of Interstate Highway than any other state
This state was reportedly the only one of the six states on the Oregon Trail that did not have any travelers attacked by Native Americans
This state is home to the Chicken Capital of the's also considered illegal to eat chicken with a fork in the city.
This state has the only capital that is accessed only by plane or boat
This state is home to the World's Championship Duck Calling Contest
This state contains the first city in the world to ever be lit up electrically
In one city, there is an actual law that if you molest a butterfly, you are fined $500
The first NFL night game happened in this state
The first JC Penney department store opened in this state
This state has not only the youngest population, but also the highest literacy rate in the country
Pepsi was invented and first served in this state
The first free public library in the US was established in this state
This state introduced the world to the hedonistic celebration known as Mardi Gras
The deepest lake in the country is located in this state
The shopping cart, the parking meter, and the aerosol can were invented in this state
This state has the first destination ski resort city in the USA
This state is home to the largest cookie/cracker factory
In this state, one city holds the claim of having the world's largest strawberry
The oldest operating gas station is located in this state
The world's only Corn Palace is located in this state

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