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Can you answer the trivia question about Jaime Lannister? Based on ASoIaF books 1-5.

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Forced Order
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Who does Jaime hit across the face with his golden hand?
Who cuts off Jaime's hand?
Who is outside the sept when Jaime wants to go in to see his sister?
What does Jaime name his horses when he heads to Riverrun? (Either name)
What does Jaime name the sword that he bequeaths to Brienne?
Who assists Jaime to free Tyrion?
What does Jaime jokingly think that his new nickname might become?
By what right does the wolf ____ the lion?
Who does Jaime kill by stabbing them through the eye?
When asked, what does Jaime say that he likes in a woman?
Who does Jaime leave in charge at Harrenhall?
Who does Jaime train with after losing his hand?
'That boy had wanted to be Ser Arthur Dayne, but someplace along the way he had become _________ instead'.
How old is Bran when Jaime pushes him from the window?
What does Jaime think is 'astonishing' about Brienne?
Who, apart from Brienne, accompanies Jaime when Catelyn sets him free?
How old is Jaime when he becomes a knight?
Who knighted Jaime?
Who had Tywin intended to marry Jaime to, before he joined the Kingsguard?
During which battle is Jaime captured by the Starks?
Whose tourney does Aerys II Targaryen prevent Jaime from competing in?
To whom does Jaime assign the task of tasting Tommen's food in case of poison?
What was the name of the pyromancer that Jaime killed before Aerys?
Who does Jaime replace as Lord Commander of the Kingsguard?
Who does Jaime call a 'scheming turncloak bitch'?

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