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QUIZ: Can you name the events in colonial American history??

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How did the coming of Europeans lead to population decline of Indians?
Name of the cultural exchange of goods between Europeans and Native Americans
First European settlement in America?
First attempt by England to establish colony?
First successful english colony?
Year of first successful English colony?
Who was the leader of the first successful English colony?
What was the first representative democracy in America?
What valuable export led to the success of the first English colony?
The system for the legal granting of land for settlers.
Person who agreed to work for a period of time to pay for travel to America
Why were slaves used to replace indentured servant?
Who led the first American rebellion against an unresponsive government?
What religious group was also called 'Separatists?'
The Mayflower Compact is an example of what?
Where did the Pilgrims begin their colony?
When did the Pilgrims land in the New World?
Who was the leader of the Pilgrims?
John Winthrop said the Pilgrims should be like: '___ _________ _____ ___ __________'
Who founded Rhode Island?
What did Roger Williams not believe in?
What woman was put on trial and banished from the Puritans?
What colony was originally Dutch?
Who founded Pennsylvania?
What city is also known as 'The City of Brotherly Love?'
What groups was given a safe haven in Maryland?
What colony was created as a prison colony?
what was the system of trade with a nation's colonies called?
What type of goods did the colonies send to England?
What type of goods did the colonies buy from England?
What was the term for the period of time when the colonies were left alone?
What was the economy of the southern colonies?
Term for trade between three ports
What was the term for the brutal journey for slaves from Africa to the Americas?
On what was the economy in the northern colonies based on?
Where did religious fervor and false accusations lead to innocent people being executed?
What important rights did John Locke write about?
What did John Locke's natural rights include?
What was Jonathon Edwards' famous sermon?
What war started in 1754?
What law blocked settlement past the Appalachian Mountains?
What Boston based group led to protests and boycotts?
Riot that led to death of several Americans, March 5 1770
Event where patriots dressed as Indians and destroyed 208 chests of tea
Laws passed after Boston Tea Party to punish the patriots
Another name for the Coercive acts
First Battles of Revolutionary war
Who was appointed leader of the Colonial army?
Term for person who favored the British
Term for someone who favored independence
Letter sent to the king asking for peace
Pamphlet written by Thomas Paine encouraging independence?
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?
Infamous place where Washington's army camped for the winter
What country joined the war after the battle at Saratoga?
What was the last major battle of the War?
Name of the nation's first government
Law that organized the new territories of the US and banned slavery in the northwest
Rebellion that took place in Massachusetts
Where did the Constitutional Convention take place?
When was the Constitutional Convention?
One of the Plans presented at the Constitutional Convention?
One of the Plans presented at the Constitutional Convention?
What compromise created our current Constitution?
Group that supported the new Constitution?
Group opposed to the Constitution?
What was promised in order to ratify the Constitution?
System of sharing power between federal and state governments
Introduction to the Constitution
Who crafted the Great Compromise?

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