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Forced Order
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English LyricsSong titleType
You better ___ ___ ___ ___ ___SM Girlband
_______ such a beautiful night, 2011!! ..... We back again one more time say no way, no wayYG Boyband
No I Can't Stop think'in bout _ girl~SM Boyband
I want ______ ______ but you~JYP Girlband
No oh, No oh, No oh oh I can't _______JYP Girlband
Do it Do it ___SM Girlband
I'm gonna be okay, gonna be okay. Baby _______ ___~JYP Boyband
I go by the name of __ of ____ Its been a long time com'in but we're here nowYG Girlband
I'm So sorry but I love you ... YG Boyband
___ ___ _ together it just feels so rightYG Girlband Member
English LyricsSong titleType
_ ____ ___ everyday, Don't get away take me away, _ ____ ___ Everyday in every way.. YG Girlband
Stop turning get her back, she ain't coming. She's gone gotta keep moving on..JYP Boyband
Oh girl, i cry cry. you're my all, Say goodbye~YG Boyband
Let Me introduce myself, Here comes troubleSM Girlband
I'm so curious yeahSM Boyband
You wanna see me fall right (Hatters) ? Like a candle on a windy nightJYP Boyband
Come on girls, Come on boys. come on come on get ur ______YG Boyband Member
Hey Playboy, Its about time, and your time's up. I had to do this one for my girls you know? YG Girlband
__ __ __ __ Everybody get'em up .... and we won't stop, Movin' movin'YG Boyband
I Wanna make your body move, so don't stop baby let your body groove~JYP Duo

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