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Can you name the Mamma Mia! characters?

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HintsMamma Miamovie
Who is the bride to be?
Whose mother is?
Who marries?
Who comes to the island with?
Who also comes with?
Who teaches ....... water sports?
Who is friends with Donna also like?
Who appears with tanya after the song.... is sung?
Who is sung with sophie and her tall best friend?
And they are also best friends with?
Who joins in with the song?
Which Tanya sings to?
Who is with Skye at the?
Where they sing?
HintsMamma Miamovie
And also?
Which is sung at the girl's party after Donna, Tanya and Rosie's band perform?
Performed by the band?
Which is watched by the tree possible?
Who are invited by their possible?
Who invites them to the coutnry?
Which has an island where Sophie and Donna live called?
Which has a villa owned by Donna called?
Which was said that there was a legend that the hotel was built on top of?
Which broke at the celebration party, as it was pressumed that Aphrodite being the goddess of love broke due to Donna and Sam or Sophie and Skye's reunion?
Which were married when Sam sung Donna?
Which was written by the band?
From which this film would have never been?

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