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Can you name the Anime Combining the Titles of Two Different Series?

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Four girls who attend an art school live together in a small apartment building......and are friends with another group of high school students (mostly girls) who are members of their school's art club.
A vampire named Alucard kills a police officer, but grants her some of his power so that she can live again......and she can use that power to grow to fifty feet tall for short periods of time... until her clothes start melting off!
This series presents several classic Japanese stories......which are 'devoured' by a girl who has an 'appetite' for literature.
A student at a school for merceneries where all students are required to carry guns meets a female classmate......who has a side job as a gondolier on the canals of Neo Venice on Mars.
A normal human boy is accidentally enrolled in a school for monsters where he finds himself the target of affection for several monster-girls, including a succubus and a vampire......who herself is the target of a skilled supernatural assassin known only by a single letter.
A traveling merchant finds a naked girl in his cart, which turns out to be a wolf goddess in human form......proving that wolves aren't extinct, just in human form. They travel together, seeking the Lunar Flowers that are suposed to lead them to paradise.
This series focuses on a group of demon slayers who use unusual weapons such as a briefcases and wheelchairs, and they can also summon spiritual familiars......except for one pink-haired girl, who can only summon a human boy from Earth.
A mysterious website appears exactly at midnight, and people can use it to exact revenge on a person of their choosing......which somebody apparently did to girl-allergic Yukinari, who finds himself transported to the world of Seiren, which is populated almost entirely by women.
A boy is saved from drowning by a mermaid who he subsequently finds himself engaged to......though he decides to turn her into sushi for the chance that the mermad flesh will turn him immortal.
A college dropout and hikkikomori, Satou lives in constant fear of conspiracies and seeks out counseling from a teenage girl......who on the side is a member of the 'Light Music Club' at the local high school.
A group of American rabbit soldiers fight against the cat-like vietnamese......and also against a ragtag band of pirates with supernatural abilities who are searching for a long-lost treasure.
A group of fairies in training who can each control a type of weather and who are all named for a spice or seasoning (such as Salt or Pepper)......meet two young witches named Vanlla and Chocolat who are competing for the hearts of human boys.
A man wearing a mask wakes up with no memory and surrounded by people with animal ears and tails......until he remembers that he's a medicine seller and the people around him are the titular spirits from Japanese folklore.
Haruka seemingly has relationships with all the girls in town, including one with his twin sister Sora......and the servantile Angeloid named Ikaros, who falls out of the sky.
In the future, a peaceful culinary student accidentally gets recruited into a gang of mercenaries......who, in the afterlife, fight against an entity they call 'Tenshi'.
An extraterrestrial event causes people to gain superpowers by forming 'contracts' with fake stars. The main group of characters......are a gang of pirate/mercenaries (and a Japanese businessman who was inadvertently recruited) who smuggle goods in and around southeast Asia.
A college student has the ability to see microscopic organisms which look like adorable little creatures......so, along with his new companions (like Mochi and Suezo) he travels the land fighting against the forces of the evil Moo.
In the future, in a world almost entirely covered covered water, a girl joins an underground organization...In the future, in a world almost entirely covered covered water, a girl joins an underground organization...
An abandoned blonde girl named 'Candy' is taken in by an orphanage in the early 1900s......and meets twin girls, one of whom is the object of affection for a freshman girl. Ironically, 'boys' don't really make an appearance.
A group of four high school girls with blue, pink, and purple hair like to have meaningless conversations about food......and pilot the galactically pretty mechs which reside beneath their school.
A group of friends experiments with science and technology, creating gadgets such as a microwave that can send text messages to the past......and use their powers to open dimensional gates to gain superpowers to fight off the alien Invaders while working for the organization A.E.G.I.S.
A girl who is never without her hand puppet Pucchan transfers to a new school, where she joins the student council......which consists of one guy and three girls who always seem to be thinking perveted thoughts (a habit shared by the teacher who is the student council's advisor).
Four fairies, each representing a season, go about their daily lives and have quirky misadventures......and also join the eponymous mage's guild alongside characters like Lucy and Natsu.
A princess and a bounty hunter fall off a cliff together and the near death experience causes them to swap bodies......so they decide to enroll in an all-boys school where several of the male students are forced to cross-dress for the gratification of the others.

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