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Forced Order
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Episode NameAnimeEpisode #
The Disappearing Serve62/178
There`s No Way I`d Go to an IRL Meetup with My Sister2/12
The Letter From Edmond10/24
Dr. Hell occupies Japan!!57/92
Fratello (Siblings) 1/13
The Tokyo U Promise from 15 Years Ago: Diary4/24
We can transform!? No way!1/49
Fahrenheit 45116/26
The Magnificent Steiner`s Rage71/74
Food Budget, Dates, and Stun Guns3/13
I'm a grade school student with a pimp1/102
I Have Come to Stay3/12
Let`s Go with Hot Blooded Anime14/26
Yuuko and Yuuko3/26
At Last the Fox and Tiger Meet / The Fox Provokes the Wrath of the Tiger7/13
Gambler D`Arby3/6
Episode NameAnimeEpisode #
The Right-Hand Seiji8/13
The Most Evil, the Worst, Him22/52
Guren Dances10/25
Sky X Tournament X Fighter Participation37/62
Grandma`s Room of Memories4/12
No Need For Princess!2/26
Fantastic Mapo Tofu2/52
The Birth of a Boy Swordsman12/95
The Supersonic Car34/52
The Birth of Mako-chan6/13
Station E-10776/24
Ah! Living Under One Roof Together5/24
Knockin` on Heaven`s Door12/13
Lesson 2: The Temptation of the Maiden2/6
The Fight Begins! / Horse-Riding Fight! / The Big Scuffle!22/26
Farewell Comrades!8/27
The Day the Angel Flew9/26
Episode NameAnimeEpisode #
Glass 13 - Full Force Strawberries13/14
The Sound of a Shogi Piece3/22
Yes, I am the Harbinger of Death6/12
As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning, he found himself on a portable shrine.7/12
Bohemian Rhapsody14/26
Until Ure in My Arms Again7/12
Bowling Girls9/26
The Adult`s Episode - Yuki`s a Messed Up Snake!14/26
Out of the toilet, a hand... Red paper, blue paper2/20
Marquis de Carabas3/6
Sa Rang Hey Yo with My Balls2/12
The Strongest Fiancee on Earth1/22
The Rival is the Black Riding Hood2/74
Showdown with Tenshi11/12
My Beam Won`t Come Out-nyu...8/16
Doing the best at the Company Retreat!4/52
Isolated Pawn13/26
Episode NameAnimeEpisode #
0.00000000198 Centimeters Per Second12/12
The Sunflower Field8/296
Mathematics and Vampire8/13
Seventeenth Killing Spirit17/22
Purgatory Girl13/26
Princess Zombie23/25
Butterfly Effect`s Divergence6/24
Teacher, Please Turn Us into Grown-ups8/26
Sing! Purin!45/276
Roast Beef of Lost Technology9/24
The Maid Chased By Her Past7/12
Is the Genius Girl a Monster? Brainwashing School of Terror8/46
Fierce Battle! Blue Eyes vs Red Eyes16/224
Democracy Under the Dead3/12
Remote Island Syndrome Part 16/14
God`s eyes1/13
Episode NameAnimeEpisode #
Memory Bread for Testing3/1787
Otaku from the USA10/12
The Grinning Cat4/23
Run, Melos! - Chapter 19/12
A New Weapon! Erupting Burning Finger26/49
Looking at Infinity Over the Reaper`s Shoulder24/24
Explosion! Spear Tackle6/145
The Critical Touch and Go Situation!! The Prohibited Rodin Strategy!31/69
The Third Set of Fingerprints Murder Case64/600+
FLAG 6.0 I`m Ordinary?6/12
Blackout on Sentan Island2/26
The Law of YOU TRICKED ME!35/51
Welcome to Counseling!5/24
The Small Egg!7/51
Layer 02: Girls2/13
Fraulein -The Image of a Girl-6/25
Episode NameAnimeEpisode #
RETURN! The Red Priest is Back!18/26
Breakfast at Tiffany`s4/9
Beck Comes Back9/26
Cats Don`t Laugh1/6
What!? I`m the 10th Generation Mafia Boss?1/203
Bakeneko (Part One)10/12
Bleeding is Embarrassing1/24
Forest of Vitamin C20/26
Melancholy Monday2/11
The Black Thread of Fate7/26
We May Be Blood Relatives2/12
December 24th: Christmas Eve/December 25th: Goodbye, Ume-sensei12/12
A Night Lit Up by the Red Moon11/12
Paco Paco Junior!21/26
The First Job, Princess Cheerleader3/12

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