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Only state that borders only one other state
Disney World is located in this state
'I know we're not in ________' - Dorothy Gale
The Mall of America is located in this state
This state was last to become a state
Least populous state
Capital is Lansing
First state alphabetically
Most densely populated state
This state is shaped like a frying pan
Only state of the contiguous 48 that does not use Daylight Savings Time
One word state that contains another state in its name
Smallest state in terms of size
Mount Rushmore is located in this state
Atlanta, ______
'1 _________, 2 ___________, 3 ____________'
Capital is Raleigh
First state to hold their caucus during election years
This state's western end is shaped like a face
Shares a maritime border with Russia
Dartmouth College is located in this state
Located in the far northwest corner of the contiguous 48
Capital city is the surname of a US president that was in office during the Civil War
City known for its casinos is located in this state
Salt Lake City is this state's capital
The Ben & Jerry's factory is located in this state
Most populous state
Named after William Penn
First to become a state
Nicknamed 'The Volunteer State'
Has the longest name out of all the one-word states
Contains the most populated city in the US
Milwaukee is this state's most populous city
'_______ Woman, Mississippi Man'
Largest state by size of contiguous 48
Only two-word state of the four corners
Capital is Bismarck
Nicknamed 'The Prairie State'
This state's capital is nicknamed 'The Mile-High city' due to its elevation
It's capital is '______polis'
George Washington's Mount Vernon is located in this state
Capital is Annapolis
Nicknamed 'The Gem State'
Most populous city in this state contains the name of another state
Nicknamed 'The Beaver State'
Capital is the first word of an Ivy League School
Yale University is located in this state
Capital is the surname of a man who discovered the Americas
Louisville is this state's most populous city
Only other state not mentioned

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