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Forced Order
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Come out Virginia, don't3
You Catholic girls start3
But sooner or later it comes3
I might as well 3
Well, they showed you a statue, told you2
They built you a temple and3
But they never told you5
For things that you3
Only the3
That's what I said, only the3
You might have heard I run with a2
We aint too pretty4
We might be laughing a bit2
But that never3
So come on Virginia, show 3
Send up a signal, I'll throw 3
The stained-glass curtain you're2
Never let's in 2
Darlin, 5
You got a nice2
WordsMissing Words# of Words
and a party 3
you got a 3
And a 3
But Virginia, they didnt give you 3
You didn't count on me when you were4
They say theres a Heaven for4
Some say its better, but 4
I'd rather laugh3
than cry3
The sinners are3
You know that 5
I tell ya, only the3
You say your mother told you all that I could give you was2
She never cared for me, but did she ever5
Come out, Come out, Come out Virginia don't3
You Catholic girls start3
Sooner or later it comes3
I might as well3
You know that 5

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