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Forced Order
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As I walk through the6
I take a4
And realize there's2
Cause I've been blasting and 3
That even my momma thinks that4
But I ain't never 7
Me be treated3
you know that's 2
You betta watch how ya talking and 3
Or you and your homies might be 3
I really hate to trip 4
As they croak, I see myself4
Fool, I'm the kinda g that little homie's3
On my knees in the night, saying5
We've been spending most our lives5
Look at the situation4
I can't live a normal life6
So I gotta be down with3
Too much 2
LyricsMissing LyricsNumber of Words
got me chasing dreams. I'm an educated6
Got my ten in my hand and a4
I'm a locked out gangsta, set tripping banger, and my homies are down so4
Fool, death aint nothing but a3
I'm living life do or die, 4
I'm twenty-three now, will I ever live to 3
The way things is going3
Tell me why are we4
That the ones we hurt4
We've been spending most our lives5
Power in the money, 4
Minute after minute3
Everybody's running, but half of them aint looking, It's going on in the kitchen but 5
They say I gotta learn but5
If they can't understand it, how can 3
I guess they can't, 4
I guess they front, that's why I know my life is 3
Foo! We've been spending most our lives5

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