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Can you name the Pokemon Types? CAN YAH? HUH!?

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Weak to Fire, Bug, Ice, and Flying.
Weak to Ghost and Dark
Supereffective to Bug, Fire, Flying and Ice
Bug, Dragon, Fariy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel are weak to this type.
Immune to Dragon
Resists all starter types (including electric)
Has no effect to steal
Supereffective to Bug, Grass, Ice and Steel
Is not very effective to Bug, Fairy, Flying, Poison and Psychic
Electric, Ice and Rock are all supereffective to this type
Supereffective to Fighting and Poison
Has no effect on Ground
Psychic has no effect on this type
Fire, Flying and Rock are supereffective against this type
Electric and Grass are supereffective to this type
Question / HintAnswer
Supereffective to Dragon, Flying, Grass and Ground
Type with the largest move pool
Poison and Rock are weak to this type
Q: What Pokemon is a Flying type only?
Q:If there was a Pokemon of all types, what would it be weak to?
Q:Which type has the most defenses?
Q:What attack is a dual-type attack?
Q:Which Pokemon can learn the dual-type attack?
Q:How many hidden types are there?
Q:What are the two Bug type legendaries?
Q:Same goes for Poison?
Q:How many types are there currently (including the hidden types)?
Q:Is there a legendary for each type?
Q:Are there any TYPE-os in this quiz? (Bad pun BTW)

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