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Pokedex No.PokemonPokedex Description
#362It can instantly freeze moisture in the atmosphere. It uses this power to freeze its foes.
#216If it finds honey, its crescent mark glows. It always licks its paws because they’re soaked with honey.
#72Because its body is almost entirely composed of water, it shrivels up if it is washed ashore.
#613Their snot is a barometer of health. When healthy, their snot is sticky and the power of their ice moves increases.
#79Although slow, it is skilled at fishing with its tail. It does not feel pain if its tail is bitten.
#244Volcanoes erupt when it barks. Unable to contain its sheer power, it races headlong around the land.
#592If its veil-like arms stun and wrap a foe, that foe will be dragged miles below the surface, never to return.
#10For protection, it releases a horrible stench from the antennae on its head to drive away enemies.
Pokedex No.PokemonPokedex Description
#224It has a tendency to want to be in holes. It prefers rock crags or pots and sprays ink from them before attacking.
#9The jets of water it spouts from the rocket cannons on its shell can punch through thick steel.
#141It is thought that this Pokémon came onto land because its prey adapted to life on land.
#563Grave robbers who mistake them for real coffins and get too close end up trapped inside their bodies.
#92Its body is made of gas. Despite lacking substance, it can envelop an opponent of any size and cause suffocation.
#550Red- and blue-striped ________ are very violent and always fighting. They are also remarkably tasty.
#282It unleashes psychokinetic energy at full power when protecting a Trainer it has bonded closely with.

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