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How is your Modern Fam. Trivia?!?!

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Head of the Family...
The Ex of (1)
The Current wife of (1)
The Ex of (3)
Child of (3) and (4)
5's step sister
6's brother
7's adopted daughter
8's other father
9's sister
Recent son of (1) and (3)
Nanny of (11)
Old gf of (12)
(hopefully) New gf of (12)
Brother of (14)
Sister of (15)
Old bf of (14)
Father of (14), (15), and (16)
What nationality is (8)?
What is (18) scared of ?
Who's job is (18)'s fear
What was (1)'s workplace's catchphrase?
What has (6) never worn?
What Spanish word did Gloria forget when talking to (4)
What did colour was (14)'s birthday present (a car)

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