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Forced Order
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balding refers to
most uncoordinated cossack?
loves gillian?
everybody's fav korean?
Woman Blossom
often ends up talking quietly to himself
stained teeth?
always paranoid about his rump being attacked?
the bunny hopping cossack?
married arina
rainbow shot =
this room is a trashcan
Jin Hyuns american name?
Tinas boyfriend?
diarrhea is always conected to who?
lost the game for us in the first tienshan game?
slight shoulder disorder
posts up every girl?
strongest teacher
has a crush on all freshmen girls
gahyun and....
slits instead of eyes?
is deathly afraid of dogs?
needs a facelift?
3rd purcell boy?
buffest korean?
this class is naptime
a drunkard that graduated from IA?

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