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What year is it when Ted is telling the story?
Who voices old Ted as he narrates the story?
What is Lily's last name?
What is Ted's career?
Barney believes who is his father?
Where is Marshall from? (city)
Who was slap-bet commissioner?
Ted meets Victoria at whose wedding?
Barney burns this to prove his love
What was Robin's performance name as a teenager in Canada?
What color is THE umbrella?
Who has extreme credit card debt?
Barney loses a bet a has to wear what everyday for a year?
Lily breaks of her engagement and goes where?
Who plays Barney Stinson?
Who is 1/4 Canadian?
How many songs did Robin have?
What is Lily arrested for when she spends Thanksgiving at Marshall's?
Victoria leaves and goes where?
How many times do we see Ted propose?
Ted gets a tramp stamp of what?
How many children does ted have?
What is Barney's brother's name?
How did Lily ruin an $8000 wedding dress?
What is Marshall and Lily's son Marvin's middle name?
How many dogs does Robin have at the beginning of the series?
Who leaves Ted at the alter?
What is the name of the town where Lily and Marshall's apartment is?
What is the actual profession of the 'prostitute' that Barney hires for Ted?
Who gets hit by a bus?
What does Ted steal for Robin?
What is the name of Lily and Marshall's daughter?
Robin works shortly in what country in season 4?
Who is the coworker that Robin hates?
Who is the blonde woman sabotaging Barney's hook-ups in season 3?
What is the name of the sport Marshall plays with his brothers?
What is the name of the stripper Barney is engaged to?
Who does Ted go searching for every Halloween?
Do they find all five dopplegangers?
What is the name of the grad student Ted dates who is also the mother's old roommate?
Where in Canada is Robin from?
Who was married to Zoey?
What does the cashier at the coffeehouse write on Barney's cup prompting a new nickname/teasing?
Where do Barney and Marshall work?
Who is Barney's tailor?
Ted's crazy girlfriend is.....?
What is the name of Barney's dad?
Who does Barney consider to be the karate kid?
What university does Ted teach at?
What is the name of the mother Ted's story is about?

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