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Can you name the Skyward Sword Grab Bag

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Hero of the Goddess
Damsel in Distress
Demon Lord
Red-Headed Jock
Giant Walking Avocado
Water Dragon
Fire Dragon
Thunder Dragon
Sky Spirit
Goddess of Light
Yerbal, Machi, Bucha
Golo, Gorko
Skipper, Dreadfuse, Scrapper
Ledd, Guld, Cobal
Southern Forest Region
Northern Mountain Region
Western Desert Region
Floating Hub Area
Enormous Storm in the Sky
Forest-Themed Temple
Lava-Themed Temple
Desert Factory
Light and Dark Dungeon
Skipper's Pirate Ship
Fire-Themed Dungeon
Dungeon where the Triforce is Hidden
Pyroclastic Fiend
Thousand-Year Arachnid
Ancient Automaton
Abyssal Leviathan
Mechanical Insect
Explosive Item
Wind-Generating Cannon
Arrow-Shooting Weapon
Digging or Mogma
Farore's Sacred Gift
Nayru's Sacred Gift
Din's Sacred Gift
Musical Instrument of the Goddess
Sacred Gift from a Friend
Used for Catching Things
Ranged Weapon found in the Forest
Weakest Sword
Sword in the Statue of the Goddess
Sword after Imbued with Farore's Flame
Sword after Imbued with Nayru's Flame
Sword after Imbued with Din's Flame
Most Powerful Shield

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