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How many Mario Circuits are in Super Mario Kart?
In Mario Kart Wii, this unlockable characters monkeys around after beating the 50cc Special Cup.
In Mario Kart 64, what course was so complex that the game didn't know which place you were in?
Super Mario Kart's Rainbow Road theme was remixed into what galaxian final level theme?
Which was the first block themed battle course: Block Fort, Block Plaza, or Block City?
Koopa Troopa first appeared in Super Mario Kart, but didn't return until this game.
Lakitu first appeared as a playable character in what game?
The dolphins from MK8's Dolphin Shoals appeared in what other game?
Name the only course in the Mario Kart series to appear in the Lightning Cup twice.
In Mario Kart DS, what was Mario's signature kart?

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