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Can you name the Greek Gods (According to Percy Jackson)?

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Forced Order
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Often seen in a Hawaiian shirt and khakis
Everyone needs more cereal
He does weather every 12 minutes
He won't let Nico see his sister
Drives a Ferrari through the sky
Any eye or hair color and she's got it
The Titan King that possesses Luke's body
Wears a pinstripe suit and a grey beard
Auburn-haired twelve-year-old girl
Has a plan for Jason and Percy
She sent blue lights to attack Olympus
She is the last Olympian
He'll get to your message in a few millenia
Has a forge in Mount St. Helens
Guides tour in the Hoover Dam sometimes
Drives a Harley Davidson or war chariot
No wine, only Coke
An ice princess from Quebec
She orchestrated the Sword of Hades fiasco
He has a pet dodo named Dede

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