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Home of the Red Luma
Has a Mission Called 'Purple Coin Omelet'
Bugaboom is a Boss here
Small Planet with Sentry Beams
First Instance of Ray Surfing
Megaleg is the Boss here
First Hungry Luma Galaxy
Tarantox's only appearance is here
Has a Mission Called 'Luigi Under the Saucer'
The Lonely Rolling Star is here
Has a Mission Called 'The Shrinking Satellite'
Bowser's First Appearance in Galaxy 1
A Great Starbit Grinding Spot
Home of the Stone Cyclone
Bouldergeist is the Boss here
First Instance of Bubble Blowing
Has a Poke Ball Shaped Planet
Has a Mission Called 'Sinking the Airships'
Penguru's Home
Major Burrows is the Boss here
Has a Mission Called 'Hot and Cold Collide'
The Hungry Luma Planet contains a Green Star
Mushrooms, Mandibugs, Meteors, Oh My
Produces a One-Hit-Kill Substance
Only Galaxy with a Golden Koopa Shell
Has a Mission Called 'Cataquack to the Skies'
The First Guppy Race is Here
Has a Planet Shaped like 8-Bit Mario
Kingfin is the Boss here
King Kaliente's Second Fight is here
Can Either be Done with the Boo or Bee Mushrooms
The Second Race with the Spooky Speedster is here
Has a Mission Called 'Boo in a Box'
Topmaniac's Second Fight is here
Uses the Spring Mushroom
Features a Volcano Called Mt. Molten
Has a Name Similar to a Candy
Has a Starbit Cluster shaped like a Rupee
Has a Mission Called 'The Electric Labyrinth'
Features a Watery Loop
Bowser's Final Fight in the First Game
The Mushroom Kingdom is here
Peewee Piranha is the Boss here
Yoshi's First Appearance in the Second Game
First Introduces the Spin Drill
Features Red and Blue Flipping Platforms
The Chimp First Appears here
Has a Mission Called 'Breaking the Laws of Gravity'
Gobblegut is the Boss here
Bugaboom is fought with Cloud Mario here
First Introduces the Rock Mushroom
Has a Mission Called 'Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper'
The First Fluzzard Mission is here
Has a Starbit Cluster Shaped like a Luma
Has Planets Shaped like Grapes
First Introduces the Meteor Stomping Mechanic
First Introduces the Blimp Fruit
Has a Mission Called 'The Shadow Lining'
Its Music is a Cover of the Ghost House Theme from Super Mario World
Sorbetti is the Boss here
Has Alternating Platforms with Goombeetles and Octoombas
Introduces the Silver Chomp
Megahammer is the Boss here
An Infinite 1-Up Glitch can be Performed here
Glamdozer is the Boss here
Queen Bee is Found here
Has a Pancake Shaped Planet
Has Piantas Living here
Introduces the Spring Mushroom
The Second Bowser Fight Takes Place here
Has a Mission Called 'Follow me, Bob-omb'
Has a Planet Shaped like a Crescent Moon
Has a Mission Called 'A Walk on the Weird Side'
Squizzard is the Boss here
Has a Texture Called 'HellValleySkyTree'
Requires 1500 Starbits to Unlock
Has a Planet made Entirely out of Dark Matter
Introduces Galactic Tornadoes
Jack o' Goombas are the Most Common Enemy here
This Galaxy is Modeled after Whomp's Fortress from Super Mario 64
Has a Mission Called 'Mini Planet Mega-Run'
Has a Planet Similar to One in Matter Splatter
Has Underwater Boos
Peach Appears on the Last Planet
Is Reminiscent of a Planet from Toy Time
Has an Expert Path and an Easy Path
Is the Level 'The Secret of Ricco Harbor' from Super Mario Sunshine
Tox Boxes are only found here in the second Game
Dino Piranha and Major Burrows are two of the bosses here
Has a Green Star in a Comet Mission
Requires 240 Stars to Unlock

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