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Forced Order
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Rainbow Bridges and Magic Uvulas
The Forest Guardian's Inside
Monkeys! Lots and Lots of Monkeys!
Ganondorf's Island Hideout
Temple that is also a Water Treatment Facility
Palace Located in the Twilight Realm
Take a Boat Ride to Hell
Get the Clawshot and Swim!
Home of Yeto and Yeta
Volcanic Prison Accompanied by Controversial Music
The Digestive System of a Whale
Tower to Heaven that Flips Down to Hell
City of the Freaky Chicken Things
Try to Find the Temple of Time
Makar and Molgera
Decrepit Mansion guarded by Wolves
Test for the Hero of Winds
Medli and Mirrors
Odolwa! Odolwa!
Collect the Triforce very Anticlimactically
Home of the Killer Grannies
Perch of the Sky Spirit, Valoo
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock
Home of Golden Robot George Washington
Gorons Gotta Eat!
Island Near the Forest Haven
Punch that Pillar, Goron boy!
Desert Prison with a Skeletal Dragon
Scorpions, Squids, Ships, Oh My!
Throw some Fruit and Dig Around
Fight a Flamboyant Demon for the First Time
Tower in Underwater Hyrule
Mines in Death Mountain
Let's go Bomb Bowling

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