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Can you name the 3D Zelda Bosses?

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Also found in Wind Waker's Dragon Roost Cavern
King of a dinosaur-like race
Anemone plaguing Jabu-Jabu's belly
Spectral Phantom of Ganondorf
Legendary Goron-eating Dragon defeated by the Megaton Hammer
The Amoeba responsible for the ice in Zora's Domain
These severed hands lurk in the Shadow Temple under Kakariko Village
Ganondorf's surrogate mothers
Giant Tiki Warrior residing in Woodfall
Robot Goat turning Snowhead into a frozen wasteland
Gigantic Fish in Great Bay's Waterworks
Monstrous Insects at the top of the Inverted Stone Tower
The Mask responsible for Termina's Impending Doom
Also found in Ocarina of Time's Inside the Deku Tree
Huge Flower Creature in the Forbidden Woods
Guardian of the Tower of the Gods
Evil Bird that kidnaps Link's sister, Aryll
Poe Beast in the Earth Temple
Protector of the Sea in the Wind Temple
Gargantuan Puppet of Ganon
Deku Baba exposed to Twilight
Darbus exposed to Twilight
Charybdis-like Monster from the Lakebed Temple
Leader of the Stal
Yeta's Ice Monster Form
Spider-like alternate of Gohma
Dragon that terrorizes the City in the Sky
Self-Proclaimed King of the Twilight
Sword Spirit and Second-in-Command to Demise
Molten Insect from Eldin Volcano's Earth Temple
Huge Scorpion in the Lanayru Mining Facility
Demise after Hylia imprisoned him into this dragon-like form
Golden Statue resembling the Buddhist Goddess Asura
Octopus-like Creature of Immense Size
Parasite infecting the Sky Spirit Levias
Demon King resembling Ganondorf
Final Boss of Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess

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