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Can you name the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode names?

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Description of EpisodeEpisode NameSeason
The gang puts on a dance competition and the winner gets ownership of Paddy's PubSeason 3
Charlie tells the gang he may have this condition to try and get the Waitress to feel sorry for himSeason 1
Pilot episode where Sweet Dee brings her friend from acting class to the barSeason 1
Charlie goes to AA, while the rest of the gang are assigned to coach a basketball teamSeason 2
Charlie invents a product for the bar, while Mac, Dennis and Frank decide to do the same. But it's Sweet Dee who gets 100% of the profitSeason 5
The waitress takes a big step while Mac and Dennis try to bring Charlie into the dating worldSeason 5
Dennis and Mac decided to try out for the Philadelphia EaglesSeason 3
The gang splits up on their political views while three of the take that long walk down the isle Season 6
It's the return of Charlie's famous song that has now been turned into a musicalSeason 4
Charlie and Frank keep waking up to a suprise in their bed. The question is who's leaving it there?Season 4
Dennis teaches the gang his method on getting women but they just can't seem to follow the steps correctlySeason 5
Brother and sister quit their job at the bar to go after their dreamsSeason 2

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