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Can you name Watchmojo's Top Ten Action Movies Per Decade?

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Gordon Parks- 1971 
Walter Hill- 1979 
Norman Jewison- 1975 
Michael Winner- 1974 
John Carpenter- 1976 
Robert Clouse- 1973 
William Friedkin- 1971 
Don Siegel- 1971 
George Lucas- 1977 
George Miller- 1979 
Mark L. Lester- 1985 
Andrew Davis- 1988 
Ted Kotcheff- 1982 
George Miller- 1981 
John McTiernan- 1987 
Paul Verhoeven- 1987 
Richard Donner- 1987 
James Cameron- 1984 
James Cameron-1986 
John McTiernan- 1988 
Stanley Tong- 1995 
John Woo- 1997 
Andrew Davis- 1992 
Michael Bay-1996 
Paul Verhoeven- 1990 
Simon West- 1997 
James Cameron- 1994 
Jan de Bont- 1994 
The Wachowskis- 1999 
James Cameron- 1991 
Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen- 2002 
Zack Snyder- 2007 
Michael Bay- 2003 
Justin Lin- 2009 
J. J. Abrams- 2006 
Pierre Morel- 2008 
Quentin Tarantino- 2003 
Paul Greengrass-2007 
Martin Campbell- 2006 
Christopher Nolan- 2008 
Doug Liman- 2014 
Pete Travis- 2012 
Joss Whedon- 2012 
Justin Lin-2011 
James Gunn- 2014 
Gareth Evans- 2011 
Chad Stahelski and David Leitch- 2014 
Sam Mendes- 2012 
Brad Bird- 2011 
George Miller- 2015 

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