Movies Quiz / Watchmojo Horror Grab Bag: The Undead

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Can you name the undead characters featured in Watchmojo's various lists?

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‪Top 10 Movie Boogeymen
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas 
9. [Creature Name] 
8. Friday the 13th franchise 
7. Ernest Scared Stupid 
6. [Creature Name] 
5. Pan's Labyrinth 
4. [Creature Name] 
3. Halloween franchise 
2. It 
1. A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise 
Top 10 Most Terrifying Movie Demons
10. The Conjuring franchise 
9. [Creature Name] 
8. [Creature Name] franchise 
7. Hellraiser franchise 
6. Sinister franchise 
5. Lord of the Rings franchise 
4. Drag Me to Hell 
3. The Evil Dead franchise 
2. Insidious franchise 
1. The Exorcist 
Top 10 Movie Ghosts‬
10. The Ring 
9. The Frighteners 
8. Ghostbusters (1984) 
7. The Shining 
6. A Nightmare on Elm Street 
5. The Sixth Sense 
4. Ghost 
3. Star Wars Trilogy 
2. [Creature Name] 
1. A Christmas Carol 
‬‪Top 10 Movie Vampires
10. Interview with the Vampire 
9. Fright Night  
8. Vampire's Kiss 
7. The Lost Boys 
6. Underworld franchise 
5. [Creature Name] trilogy 
4. Nosferatu 
3. Hammer [Creature Name] Series 
2. Bram Stoker's [Creature Name] 
1. [Creature Name] 
‪Top 10 Memorable Zombies in Movies
10. Shaun of the Dead 
9. 28 Weeks Later 
8. Dead Snow 
7. Dawn of the Dead (2004) 
6. Day of the Dead 
5. Zombieland 
4. Warm Bodies 
3. Land of the Dead 
2. Return of the Living Dead 
1. Night of the Living Dead 

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