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Can you name the kills and deaths featured in Watchmojo's Horror Lists?

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Top 10 Unique Horror Movie Kills
10. 'Launched' Victim: Mrs. Deagle 
9. 'Garage Door' Victim: Tatum Riley 
8. 'Liquid Nitrogen' Victim: Adrienne Hart 
7. 'Lawnmower Suicide' Victim: Landscape Worker 
6. 'Tanning Bed' Victims: Ashley Freund and Ashlyn Halperin 
5. 'Eye Trouble' Victim: Paola 
4. 'Defibrillator' Victim: Palmer 
3. 'Bad Mattress' Victim: Glen Lantz 
2. 'Head Explosion' Victim: ConSec Representative 
1. 'Chest Burst' Victim: Kane 
‪Another Top 10 Unique Horror Movie Kills
10. 'Man-Eating Pigs' Victim: Mason Verger 
9. 'Puppet Master' Victim: Philip Anderson 
8. 'Spider Eggs' Victim: Military Policeman in Pharmacy 
7. 'Death by Sleeping Bag' Victim: Judy Williams 
6. 'Ripped Head' Victim: Elrend 
5. 'Chainsaw Accident' Victim: Monica 
4. 'Father Knows Best' Victim: Bob 
3. 'Death by Ms. Leech' Victim: Frank Forrester 
2. 'Down the Drain' Victim: Hunt Wynorski 
1. 'Runaway Cable' Victim: almost everyone on board 
Top 10 Lamest Deaths in Horror Movies
10. 'Ceiling Drop' Victim: Holly 
9. 'Garbage Day' Victim: Man Taking out Trash 
8. 'Charles in Charge' Victim: Charles 
7. 'Fall from Grace' Victim: Jim Block 
6. 'Wizard Master Fail' Victim: Will Stanton 
5. 'Michael Loses his Head' Victim: Michael 
4. 'Belial Means Business' Victim: Baxter 
3. 'Death by Compact Disk' Victim: The Boiler Room DJ 
2. 'Death by Penetrating Corncob' Victim: Police Officer 
1. 'Veggie Matter (OH MY GOD)' Victim: Woman being turned into plant matter 
‪Top 10 First On-Screen Victim Deaths in Slasher Movies
10. 'Hook Through the Chin' Victim: Max Neurick 
9. 'Getting (Un)Lucky' Victims: Barry and Claudette 
8. 'Hammer-Head' Victim: Kirk 
7. 'Bad-Guy Doll' Victim: Maggie Peterson 
6. ' 'Slutty' Girl Dies First' Victim: Jules Louden 
5. 'Someone's in the Back Seat' Victim: Michelle Mancini 
4. 'Knife in the Ear' Victim: Phil Stevens 
3. 'Bloody Bully' Victim: Wesley Rhoades 
2. 'Clowning Around' Victim: Judith Michael Myers 
1. 'Rag Doll' Victim: Christina 'Tina' Gray 
Top 10 Scariest Movie Deaths You Don't See
10. 'Fishboy' Victim: Bill Hudley 
9. 'Pissed Off Dilophosaurus' Victim: Dennis Nedry 
8. 'Alone on a Beach' Victim: Annie 
7. 'I Saw Her Face' Victim: Katie Embry 
6. 'Tail Between her Legs' Victim: Lambert 
5. 'Swimming Pool Bloodbath' Victims: Bullies 
4. 'Bad Mattress' Victim: Glen Lantz 
3. 'Impaled on a Meathook' Victim: Pam 
2. 'Death by Strap-On' Victim: Lust Victim 
1. 'Dropped Camera' Victim: Heather Donahue 
Top 10 Freddy Krueger Kills
10. 'Wetting the Bed' (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master) 
9. 'Sliced and Diced' (A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child) 
8. 'Bon Appetit, Bitch' (A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child) 
7. 'Shooting Up' (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) 
6. 'Need for Speed' (A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: Dream Child) 
5. 'Bed Blow Hole' (A Nightmare on Elm Street) 
4. 'Rag Doll' (A Nightmare on Elm Street) 
3. 'Welcome to Prime-Time, Bitch' (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) 
2. 'Workout Spotter' (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: Dream Master) 
1. 'Puppet Master' (A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors) 
Top 10 Brutal Jason Voorhees Kills
10. 'Corkscrew and Cleaver' (Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter) 
9. 'Garbage Can Drowning' (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) 
8. 'Sauna Rock'* (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan)  
7. 'Head Spin' (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives) 
6. Eye-Pop (Friday the 13th Part III) 
5. Decapitating Uppercut (Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan) 
4. Bed Fold (Freddy vs Jason) 
3. Sleeping Bag (Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood) 
2. Machete to the Face (Friday the 13th Part II) 
1. 'Liquid Nitrogen' (Jason X) 
Top 10 Final Destination Deaths
10. Ladder Foot Through the Eye (Final Destination 2) 
9. Out of a Window and onto a Car (The Final Destination) 
8. Head Severed Between Elevator Floors (Final Destination 2) 
7. Spine Snapped in a Gymnastics Accident (Final Destination 2) 
6. Neck Severed by Metal Shrapnel (Final Destination) 
5. Trapped Inside Tanning Beds (Final Destination 3) 
4. Crushed by a Carnival Sign (Final Destination 3) 
3. Rectal Prolapse via Pool Drain (The Final Destination) 
2. Nail Gun to the Back of the Head (Final Destination 3) 
1. Crushed by a Giant Pane of Glass (Final Destination 2) 
‪Top 10 Saw Traps
10. Victims: Aaron, Gena, Dave, Emily, Shelby, and Josh (Saw VI) 
9. Victim: Mark Wilson (Saw) 
8. Victims: Brit and Mallick (Saw V) 
7. Victim: Amanda Young (Saw II) 
6. Victim: Brenda (Saw IV) 
5. Victims: Art Blank and Trevor (Saw IV) 
4. Victims: Simone and Eddie (Saw VI) 
3. Victim: Agent Strahm (Saw V) 
2. Victims: Amanda Young, Mark Hoffman, and Jill Tuck (Saw, Saw VI, and Saw 3D) 
1. Victim: Detective Allison Kerry (Saw III) 

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