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‪Top 10 Iconic Horror Movie Moments
10. 'Transformation'- Jack painfully transforms into a werewolf (1981). 
9. 'The Tape'- The ghost possessing the haunted video tape crawls through the tv (2002).  
8. 'The Phone Booth'- A neighborhood woman takes shelter in a phone booth as the titular animals attack (1963).  
7. 'Video Diary'- An extreme close-up of Heather Donahue's tearful apologies to her parents (1999).  
6. 'Shark Attack'- The shark attacks children at the beach, along with the famous theme music (1975). 
5. 'The Prank'-The titular character has a bucket of pig's blood dumped on her as she is crowned prom queen, resulting in telekinetic mayhem (1976). 
4. 'Bad Signs'- The possessed child's head spins around 360 degrees (1973). 
3. 'Redrum'- Wendy discovers the meaning of her son's mysterious sayings as her husband goes crazy (1980). 
2. 'Chest Burst'- The seemingly fine Kane begins to cough at dinner, and a baby Xenomorph bursts from his chest (1979). 
1. 'The Shower Scene'- Marion Crane is stabbed to death by a shadowy figure in the shower to the sound of screaming violins (1960).  
‪Top 10 Horrific Movie Scenes You Can Never Unsee
10. 'Intimate and Explosive'- Attempting to recreate the events of the first film, Lawrence R. Harvey feeds laxatives to his own forcibly conjoined human experiment (2011). 
9. 'A Slice of Life'- Charlotte Gainsbourg's character turns to self-inflicted genital mutilation to cope with the grief of losing her young son (2009). 
8. 'Every Breath You Take'- The seemingly dead sloth victim starts coughing and thrashing (1995). 
7. 'A Turn Towards the Worse'- Renton is isolated by his parents to come down from heroin, where he hallucinates a dead infant girl (1996). 
6. 'Hobbling'- Annie Wilkes takes a sledgehammer to her captive's ankles to prevent his escape (1990). 
5. 'The Whole Film'- In what is considered one of the most disturbing movies ever made, a retired pornstar unwittingly agrees to perform in an 'art film,' resulting in rape, decapitation, and child abuse (2010). 
4. 'La Tenia'- Monica Belluci's character is violently and graphically assaulted in an underground pedestrian tunnel (2002).  
3. 'California Smile (aka curbstomp)- Neo-Nazi Derek Vinyard takes out violent revenge on a black man who tried to rob him (1998).  
2. 'Revenge Gone Wrong'- Lisbeth Salander is assaulted by her corrupt caretaker (2011).  
1. 'The Crucifix- A possessed child violently masturbates with a cross (1973).  
‪Top 10 Horror Movie Opening Scenes
10. 'Above the Line'- A wire cuts across the dance floor, bisecting everyone except a little girl (2002). 
9. 'First Person, First Victims'- After sneaking away to fool around, two camp counselors are murdered, which the audience sees through the eyes of the killer (1980). 
8. 'Peace No More'- A zombified girl attacks who are assumed to be her parents, killing the man, and introducing the woman to a world of horror (2004). 
7. 'Industry Kills'- A woman in a nightgown runs down an industrial corridor, as blades are attached to a leather glove (1984).  
6. 'Fuzz Out'- Two girls discuss a cursed video tape that one of them has watched (2002).  
5. 'Man No More'- Don abandons his family in an attack by the infected (2007).  
4. 'Coming of Age'- The title character thinks she is bleeding to death when she gets her first period in the gym shower, and is mocked mercilessly by her classmates (1976).  
3. 'Family Matters'- Young Michael Myers murders his sister (1978).  
2. 'Let's Play a Game'- A mysterious killer taunts Casey over the phone, then murders her (1996).  
1. 'Skinny Dip, Skinny Dead'- Chrissy goes skinny dipping at night, and is attacked and killed by an unseen shark (1975).  
Another 10 Scariest Opening Scenes In Horror
10. 'Don't Mess with a Gypsy'- The fate of a young boy foreshadows the experience of the protagonist (2009). 
9. 'Home Invasion'- In what seems to be a typical slasher opening, Adam finds his girlfriend Talia's dead body, with the movie title written in blood on the mirror (2011). 
8. 'Not Your Usual Club Scene'- An entire dance floor of nightclub-goers is slaughtered when the host releases a giant lawnmower-like device (2012).  
7. 'Keep them Burning'- An introduction to the importance of Halloween spirit, Emma is killed for blowing out Jack-O-Lanterns too early (2007).  
6. 'Family Drama'- A man is seen preparing for the day and whistling, walking past the slaughtered remains of his family on the way out (1987).  
5. 'A Day at the Beach'- A girl runs away from an unseen threat near her house, makes a phone call to her loved ones on the beach. A quick cut reveals her mangled body (2014).  
4. 'Fire Safety'- A seemingly innocent girl is tied to a stake pleading with her father, until she is confronted with fire and reveals herself to be possessed before being burned (2013). 
3. 'Roadside Assistance'- This anthology movie is opened with two men in a car, and swapping favorite episodes of the eponymous TV show the movie is based on (1983). 
2. 'Have You Checked the Children?'- A babysitter is tormented by a mysterious caller asking her if she's checked the children (1979).  
1. 'A Cemetery Stroll'- Johnny tries to scare his sister Barbara as they walk through a graveyard, until he is killed by a zombie (1968). 
Top 10 Best Horror Movie Endings
10. 'Dragged into the Darkness'- Ángela reaches for her camera and screams as the infected drag her off (2007).  
9. 'Wait here... See What Happens' Two survivors sit by a fire, both unsure if the other is still human (1982). 
8. 'It's Alive!'- The 'corpse' that lay dead on the floor for the duration of the movie stands up and reveals itself to be the killer (2004).  
7. 'Camera Drop'- Heather's screams are heard as she drops her camera and it cuts to black (1999).  
6. 'Instant Regret'- David mercy-kills everyone else in the car, including his son, seconds before the US Marines roll into view (2007).  
5. 'Awake or Not?'- Both the characters' and audience's collective relief is dashed as a bladed glove pull Nancy's mom through a window (1984).  
4. 'Oh My God, She's a Boy'- Angela screams and stands naked, as the camera zooms out to reveal that she is physically masculine (1983).  
3. 'Dead The Whole Time'- In one of the best known movie twists, Dr. Malcolm Crowe is revealed to have died at the beginning of the movie when he was shot (1999) 
2. 'Survivor's Guilt' Sue Snell, the lone survivor of prom night, dreams of visiting the title character's grave, where a hand pops out of the earth and grabs her (1976) 
1. 'Mama's Boy'- The voice of Mrs. Bates that she 'wouldn't even harm a fly' as Norman looks into the camera and smiles (1960). 
‪Top 10 Scariest Movie Endings
10. 'You Called?'- Helen's widower calls her name out of grief, inadvertently summoning her ghost, who kills him (1992). 
9. 'That's a Good Boy'- Norman Bates, now in police custody, thinks in his mothers voice, looks into the camera, and smiles (1960).  
8. 'Fiendish Photo Finish'- Elise takes a picture that reveals Josh is still possessed (2010).  
7. 'Get the Raid'- Adam Bell wanders into his living room to find a giant tarantula on the wall (2013).  
6. 'Button, Button, Who's Got the...'- Christine realizes her boyfriend grabbed the envelope with the cursed button, she falls onto the train tracks, and is sucked into the earth (2009). 
5. 'The Camera Never Lies'- Ángela reaches for her camera and screams as she is dragged into the darkness by the infected (2007).  
4. 'Stay Out of the Basement'- Heather finds Mike staring at a wall in the basement, before something causes her to scream and drop her camera (1999). 
3. 'His Father's Eyes'- The protagonist finds her new baby with her neighbors, who inform her he was fathered by Satan (1968).  
2. 'Car Pool Ain't Cool'- In what seems to be a calm scene, a familiarly patterned car drives off by itself, and a gloved hand pulls Nancy's mother through a window (1984). 
1. 'Go Ask Alice'- Alice is floating calmly in a canoe on Crystal Lake, when a decaying Jason pops out of the water, dragging her in (1980).  
‪Top 10 EPIC Final Showdowns In Horror Movies
10. 'Sydney Prescott vs Billy Loomis and Stu Macher'- The ghostface killer is revealed to be played by two people, with both trying to take her out for breaking the rules and losing her virginity (1996).  
9. 'Laurie Strode vs Michael Myers'- Brother fights sister two decades after their original confrontation (1998). 
8. 'Jay, Paul, Kelly, and Yara vs The Entity'- These four friends lure the entity into a swimming pool, trying to electrocute it, and eventually shooting it (2014). 
7. 'R.J. MacReady vs Title Creature'- MacReady faces the titular shapeshifter, and burns the entire base where it was (1982). 
6. 'Father Damian Karass vs Pazuzu'- Father Karass convinces the demon to possess him instead, and throws himself out of a window and down a flight of stairs, killing them both (1973).  
5. 'Movie Title'- The two slasher superstars go at it near crystal lake, with the real winner being left ambiguous as a severed head winks at the camera (2003).  
4. 'Mia Allen vs The Abomination'- Mia is the only character left to fight the demons, and removes her own hand with a chainsaw as the sky rains blood (2013). 
3. 'Chief Martin Brody vs the Shark'- Brody, balancing on a wrecked boat, manages to get a scuba tank into the mouth of the shark, and shooting it (1975).  
2. 'Everything vs Everyone'- Marty and Dana push the System Purge button, causing the elevator doors to open and all of the facility's monsters are released on the team of guards sent to control them (2012). 
1. 'Ellen Ripley vs the Queen'- Ripley dons a power-loader mech suit to fight the Xenomorph Queen (1986).  
‪Top 10 Horror Movie Chase Scenes
10. 'The Morgue Chase'- Shelly hides with dead bodies to try to escape a serial killer wearing a cherub mask (2001).  
9. 'The Climactic Chase Through the House'- Jason goes after Tommy and Trish, with Trish escaping by throwing herself out of a window (1984).  
8. 'A Game of Cat and Mouse'- Helen is chased into her family's store, with everyone trying to help her being killed (1997).  
7. 'Tina's Terrifying Dream'- Tina is chased by Freddy Krueger in her nightmares, while in the real world she is dragged around her ceiling like a rag doll (1984).  
6. 'All Hell Breaks Loose'- The group of survivors is attacked by the infected, with Don abandoning his family to them to save his own life (2007).  
5. 'The Hedge Maze Chase'- The crazed Jack Torrance searches for his son with an ax through the Overlook's frigid hedge maze (1980). 
4. 'The Doyle House'- Michael Myers stalks Laurie Strode and the children she babysits (1978). 
3. 'No Running in the Halls'- Wendy runs from a serial killer with an axe in her high school (1980).  
2. 'More than Just a Prank Call'- Casey is harassed by a threatening caller, who chases her around her house before killing her (1996) 
1. 'No Sanctuary'- After seeing her brother killed, Sally flees to a house, then to a gas station, only to find both unsafe (1974).  
‬Top 10 Scariest Supernatural Movie Moments
10. 'Noises Upstairs'- Grace hears mysterious noises and whispers upstairs, coming from an undetermined source (2001).  
9. 'Dragged Out of Bed'- Katie screams for her boyfriend Mika as she is dragged out of bed by whatever is haunting them (2007).  
8. 'TV Crawl'- Samara Morgan crawls towards Noah's tv screen, through it, and into the real world (2002).  
7. 'Spider-Walk'- The possessed Regan MacNeil crawls down the stairs on her back in a wholly inhuman manner (1973).  
6. 'I See Little Dead Girls'- The ghost of Kyra Collins suddenly appears in Cole's tent with white liquid pouring out of her mouth (1999).  
5. 'The Basement'- Heather finds an unresponsive Mike in the basement of the haunted house (1999).  
4. 'Title Creature in the Bedroom'- Amelia tries to protect her son, as the titular boogeyman hides in the shadows of her bedroom (2014).  
3. 'Toy Clown'- A very creepy toy clown comes to life and attacks Robby from under his bed (1982).  
2. 'Bathtub in Room 237'- Jack Torrance finds a mysterious, beautiful woman in the bathtub of room 237, but upon embracing her realizes she is a decaying animated corpse (1980).  
1. 'The Conception'- The title character is raped by Satan in a dreamlike sequence (1968).  
‪Top 10 Terrifying Pitch Black Scenes in Horror Movies
10. 'Henry's Death'- Henry meets the ghost of Mary Shaw as he searches for what he thinks is his crying wife in a crawl-space (2007).  
9. 'First Attack'- The group of women realize they aren't as alone in the cave as they thought, as they are attacked by humanoid crawlers (2005).  
8. 'Basement'- A demonic force taunts Mia with flickering lights, baby sounds, and broken elevators in her building's storage area (2014).  
7. 'Subway Tunnels'- The main group tries to cut through some subway tunnels to avoid the big monster, but instead come face-to-face with some smaller, parasitic creatures (2008).  
6. 'Dark Corners'- The titular demon lurks in the dark shadows of Amelia's bedroom (2014).  
5. 'Hide and Clap'- Lorraine Warren is trapped in a basement with a demonic figure that turns off the lights with a clap, mimicking an earlier game (2013).  
4. 'Night Vision'- Agent Clarice Starling is caught blind in serial killer Buffalo Bill's basement after he cuts the lights (1991).  
3. 'Footsteps'- Heather, Mike, and Josh are without light in the forrest, but hear mysterious footsteps nearby (1999).  
2. 'Pig Mask'- Adam uses his camera flash to try to see the intruder in his home, revealing a figure in a pig mask (2004).  
1. 'Final Confrontation'- Ángela tries to reach her camera (and its night vision feature) as she is dragged into the darkness by the infected (2007).  
Top 10 Horror Movie Jump Scares
10. 'Kyra Collins Appears'- The ghost of a crying little girl appears suddenly in Cole's tent with white liquid spilling out of her mouth (1999). 
9. 'The Truth About Mother'- Lila Crane goes to tap Mrs. Bates on the shoulder, discovering that she is in fact an embalmed corpse (1960). 
8. 'Title Character Grabs Sue'- In a dream sequence, Sue Snell is grabbed from under the ground by the hand of her dead classmate as she visits her grave (1976). 
7. 'Air Shaft'- Dallas' search for the Xenomorph in the air shaft of the Nostomo ends when it suddenly appears in front of him (1979).  
6. 'In the Closet'- A description of the effects of the cursed tape uses a quick cut to the contorted face of one of its victims (2002). 
5. 'I'll Rip Your Soul Out'- A seemingly frightened girl tied to a stake screams at her father, revealing herself to be possessed (2013). 
4. 'Clap On, Clap Off'- During a game of Hide and Clap, a pair of hands appear behind Lorraine in the basement as the lights go out (2013). 
3. 'Defibrillation'- Instead of saving him from a heart attack, Palmer's arms are bitten off when he tries to jump start the heart of his coworker (1982).  
2. 'Rip-Roaring Red Figure'- The Lipstick-faced demon appears suddenly behind the shoulder of Josh (2010).  
1. 'Freaky Nurse Station'- A nurse in a red sweater walks by calmly, and a figure covered in a sheet lunges out behind her with outstretched arms (1990). 
Top 10 Bloodiest Movie Scenes
10. 'Bloody Beach'- A swarm of carnivorous fish attack beach-goers, turning the water red (2010). 
9. 'Chestburster'- Kane 'gives birth' to a baby Xenomorph through his chest (1979). 
8. 'Slashed Throat'- Amy slits Desi's throat in the middle of sex (2014),  
7. 'Mowing Down the Zombies'- Lionel uses a lawnmower to fight his way through a room full of the undead (1992).  
6. 'Blood Rave'- A club-goer finds himself in a club of vampires as blood starts to spill from the sprinklers, and he is killed (1998). 
5. 'Raining Blood'- During the climactic fight, the sky opens up and rains blood on Mia Allen (2013). 
4. 'Glen's Bed'- Glen Lantz is sucked through his mattress as he falls asleep, releasing a geyser of blood towards his ceiling (1984).  
3. 'The Bride vs The Crazy 88'- The Bride takes on Oren Ishii's personal army in a violent fight (2003).  
2. 'Pig's Blood at the Prom'- The titular character has a bucket of pig's blood dropped on her when she is crowned prom queen (1976). 
1. 'Blood Elevator'- Elevator doors open, and blood spills out over the floor (1980).  
Top 10 Smartest Decisions in Horror Movies
10. 'Staring at the Corner'- Knowing that the witch must make eye contact to kill you, James and Lisa face the corner (2016). 
9. 'Using a Pig'- While hiding from Leatherface, Erin hides in a meat locker, using the distraction of a pig to attack him herself (2003). 
8. 'Almost Everything Erin Does'- Erin improvises weapons to take out the intruders (2011).  
7. 'Using a Hanger as a Weapon'- Laurie stabs the serial killer stalking her in the eye with a hanger as she hides in the closet (1978). 
6. 'Using a Pen to Stab a Hole in Your Throat'- Agent Strahm gives himself an emergency tracheotomy with a pen in his pocket, to save himself from a seemingly inescapable water-filled box around his head (2008). 
5. 'The Escape Plan'- Realizing that Howard will eventually kill her, Michelle creates a makeshift hazmat suit, and escapes through the vents (2016). 
4. 'Shoot the Bad Guy in the Head to Make Sure'- Avoiding the 'the dead killer returns' cliche, Sydney Prescott shoots in the head point blank (1997). 
3. 'Setting Up Booby-Traps, and Waking Up'- Nancy lures Freddy out of the dream world and into her booby-trapped house (1984).  
2. 'Scientific Method'- MacReady systematically tests the blood of everyone in the base to see who is still human and who is not (1982).  
1. 'Danny Stopping His Snow Footprint Trail'- Danny backtracks in his footprints to avoid making more and throw his axe-weilding father off of his trail (1980).  
‬‬‪Top 10 Dumbest Decisions in Horror Movies
10. 'Heroin, or Demons?'- Erik decides to study and read from The Book of the Dead, releasing demons (2013). 
9. 'All That Work...'- A facility that stores countless horror monsters has a button that releases them all at the same time (2012).  
8. 'Totally Not an Unexplored Cave'- Juno and her friends decide to go into an unexplored cave system, that turns out to be overrun by humanoid creatures (2005). 
7. 'Run, Helen, Run!'- Helen stops a few seconds away from other people, and safety, and is killed (1997).  
6. 'Hands in a Box'- Addison sticks both of her hands into holes in a glass box, without checking to see that the holes weren't lined with razors; or that the key wasn't a few steps away (2005).  
5. 'Rage Against the Machine'- Animal activists release diseased chimps from a lab, inadvertently causing a viral apocalypse (2002).  
4. 'A Few Apples Short'- Casey does not immediately call the police upon being threatened by the menacing caller, and instead continues to talk to him (1996). 
3. 'Torture Porn'- Despite knowing the reputation of the cursed video tape, Rachel and Noah both decide to watch it (2002). 
2. 'Did I Do That?'- David mercy kills his companions mere seconds before the US marines roll into view (2007). 
1. 'Municipal Mismanagement'- Despite multiple shark attacks, the mayor decides to keep the beach open to the public (1975). 
Top 10 Terrifying Animal Attacks in Movies
10. 'Hellhound Chase'- Robert Thorn is attacked by a Hellhound protecting his demonic son (2006). 
9. 'Spider in the Shower'- A spider jumps on Molly when she is vulnerable in the shower (1990).  
8. 'Title Animal and the Car'- The titular rabid Saint Bernard traps Donna and her son in their car, and attacks from the unexpected side of the car (1983).  
7. 'Bruce Le vs a Bull'- Huang Lung, a Kung Fu master, fights a bull with his bare hands (1980).  
6. 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'- Col. John Henry Patterson tries to use a fire to catch a lion, but ends up hunted by it (1996).  
5. 'When Wolves Attack'- Liam Neeson's character, Ottaway, defends himself from wolves (2011). 
4. 'I'm Gonna Kill the Bear'- Charles Morse uses blood to set a trap for a bear, and impales him with a sharpened piece of wood (1997).  
3. 'T-Rex Breaks Free'- The King of Dinosaurs flips a car and eats a lawyer on the toilet (1993).  
2. 'Title Animals Attack Gas Station'-Melanie hides in a phone booth as the titular animals attack the town and cause a gas station fire (1963). 
1. 'Chrissy's Last Swim'- Chrissy goes skinny-dipping in the ocean at night, only to be killed by a shark (1975).  
Top 10 Monstrous Animal Attack Scenes
10. 'Bunnies, Floppy, Hoppy, Bunnies'- Giant mutant rabbits attack members of a small town (1972).  
9. 'Caught in a Web'- A giant spider attacks Ashley Parker, and traps her against the wall, but is shot by her mother (2002).  
8. 'Get the Antennae'- The characters realize that the giant ants are greatly compromised without their antennae (1954).  
7. 'Busting a Gut'- A giant parasitic arachnid burrows itself inside Panic, and later violently bursts out of him (1993).  
6. 'Rodents of Unusual Size'- An ROUS attacks Westly and Buttercup in the Fire Swamp (1987). 
5. 'Broke into the Wrong Rec Room'- A Couple is attacked by Graboids, but were lucky enough to hide in a rec room stocked with guns and ammunition (1990).  
4. 'The Basilisk'- Protagonist Harry goes up against the monster attacking his school in the titular location (2002).  
3. 'Mutations'- Katniss, Peeta, and Cato go up against mutated dogs, sent by the game makers to narrow down their numbers (2012).  
2. 'Swallowed Whole'- The titular snake swallows Paul Serone whole, resulting in a pov shot of the inside of the snake (1997). 
1. 'Shelob'- Frodo is stung by a giant shadow spider, but is saved by a returning Sam (2003). 
Top 10 Horror Movie Unmasking Moments
10. Polite Leader- The leader of the group trying to break into the Sandin's house reveals his face to them on camera. (2013) 
9. The Masked Man- A man breaking into the house of a deaf woman shows his face to show his ambivalence towards concealing his identity. (2016)  
8. Sam- The creepy kid present throughout the anthology gets his burlap-sack pumpkin mask ripped off during a fight in the last segment, revealing a face not entirely human (2007) 
7. Tomás/Simón- Laura removes the burlap sack from the face of a child's body she believes to belong to the ghostly Tomás, revealing it instead to be her son Simón. (2007)  
6. Lamb Mask- Erin fights back against the group attacking her and her fiance's family, revealing the assailant in the lamb mask to be a hired assassin sought out by her brother-in-law. (2011) 
5. Dr. Hannibal Lecter- The cannibal doctor escapes his cell by skinning a guards face and wearing it over his own, revealing himself in the ambulance and attacking the driver. (1991) 
4. Michael Myers- As Michael continues to hunt down the members of his family, he seems to be remorseful at the idea of killing his niece, who convinces him to show her his face. (1989) 
3. Leatherface-Although not revealed in the original, this cannibal killer's face is shown in the remake when he is shown making a second mask of human skin. (2003) 
2. Billy Loomis & Stu Macher- Billy and Stu reveal to Sidney that not only is Billy not dead, but also that they've been working together to assume the identity of the ghostface killer. (1996) 
1. Jason Voorhees- In the first movie featuring the iconic hockey mask, Jason removes his mask untangling himself from a rope during a barn-fight with Chris. (1982) 

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