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QUIZ: Can you remember if the victims in the Saw franchise lived or died in their traps?

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Scalping Seat-Brenda
Brazen Bull-Joyce Dagen
Chain Hangers- Carly
The Fatal Five (The Electric Bathtub)-Luba Gibbs
Oxygen Crusher/Breathing Room-William Easton
Mausoleum Trap-Trevor
Horsepower Trap-Jake
Grain Silo- Anna
Lawnmower Trap-Alex
Knife Chair-Cecil Adams
Laser Collars- Halloran
Nerve Gas House-Jonas Singer
Lawnmower Trap-Sidney
Nerve Gas House-Xavier Chaves
Oxygen Crusher/Breathing Room-Hank
Bedroom Trap-Ivan Landsness
Spike Trap-Morgan
The Gallows/Hanging Room-Allen
Shotgun Carousel-Dave
Angel Trap-Detective Allison Kerry
Freezer Room-Danica Scott
Reverse Bear Trap-Jill Tuck
The Cube-Special Agent Peter Strahm
Flesh Scale/Pound of Flesh-Simone
Bathroom Trap-Dr. Lawrence Gordon
Drill Chair-Jeff Ridenhour
Nerve Gas House (Razor Box/Hand Trap)-Addison Corday
Hangman's Noose-Cale
Nerve Gas House-Daniel Matthews
Shotgun Keys- Anna
Impalement Wheel-Suzanne
The Coffin-Special Agent Peter Strahm
Horsepower Trap-Kara
Shotgun Carousel-Aaron
Venus Fly Trap/Death Mask-Michael Marks
Classroom Trap-Troy
Spike Trap-Rex
Flammable Jelly-Mark Wilson
Public Execution/Love Triangle-Ryan
Nerve Gas House (Magnum Eyehole)- Gus Colyard
Ice Block Trap-Eric Matthews
Shotgun Carousel-Shelby
Leg Wires- Ryan
Reverse Bear Trap-Amanda Young
Shotgun Collar-Dr. Lynn Denlon
The Fatal Five (The Collars)-Ashley
Pig Vat-Judge Halden
The Fatal Five (Blade Table/Pints of Sacrifice)-Brit
Nerve Gas House-Laura Hunter
Shotgun Carousel-Gena
Flesh Scale/Pound of Flesh-Eddie
Pendulum-Seth Baxter
Cycle Trap- Mitch
Silence Circle-Nina
Acid Room/Lethal Injection-William Easton
Suspended Cage-Bobby Dagen
Horsepower Trap-Dan
The Gallows/Hanging Room-Addy
Razor Wire Maze-Paul Leahy
The Rack-Timothy Young
Bathroom Trap-Adam Stanheight
Shotgun Keys- Ryan
Horsepower Trap-Evan
Nerve Gas House (Needle Pit)-Amanda Young
Reverse Bear Trap 2.0-Mark Hoffman
Nerve Gas House (Furnace)-Obi Tate
Ice Block Trap-Mark Hoffman
The Fatal Five (Blade Table/Pints of Sacrifice)-Mallick
Mausoleum Trap-Art Blank
Grain Silo- Mitch
Public Execution/Love Triangle-Brad
Shotgun Carousel-Emily
Bucket Room- Logan
Public Execution/Love Triangle-Dina
Laser Collars- Logan
Shotgun Carousel-Josh
The Fatal Five (The Ceiling Jars)-Charles

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