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HintMovie TitleYear
100. Ryan Gosling stomping your head into a bloody pulp2011
99. Getting stabbed to death by an ear of corn1992
98. Slowly being pulled into a spiky, wooden splinter, eyeball first1979
97. Being pulled into a sink drain1988
96. The magic pencil trick2008
95. Slowly succumbing to a gunshot1974
94. Catching a surfboard to the face1989
93. A rock piercing your skull, via the eye socket2009
92. Getting a rake stuck in your forehead 1989
91. Having your throat slit by an assassin named Chiquita1998
90. Getting disemboweled, dropped through a stained glass ceiling, and hung from a cord1977
89. Being burned alive while tied to a tree right in front of your family2006
88. Getting impaled by a hot steam pipe by Arnold Schwarzenegger1985
87. A flying piece of shrapnel slicing your head in half2000
86. Getting slaughtered while trying to enjoy a bong1998
85. Getting ambushed by drugged-out kids, gutted, and having your best friend slit your throat2001
84. Getting snatched up by a shark mid-monologue1999
83. Watching your family get slaughtered before you're speared to death1979
82. Getting lectured about team sports with a baseball bat1987
81. Falling during an Iron Lotus2007
80. Eviscerated while partying in a nightclub2012
79. Getting run over by the Gingerdead Man2005
78. Making out with a sexy alien1995
77. Having your life-force sucked out by a Spider Woman1986
76. Getting crushed by a pounder1997
75. Having your head sandwiched between two massive weights2006
74. Being turned into a human pretzel2009
73. Catching a bullet from a cancer gun1983
72. Being trapped inside the world's faultiest kitchen2000
71. Getting sliced into thirds2009
70. Getting bisected on the dance floor2002
69. Freezing to death in a hedge maze1980
68. Losing your penis to a piranha2010
67. Asphyxiating and decompressing in the Martian atmosphere1990
HintMovie TitleYear
66. Catching a spear to the forehead2005
65. Eating acid spit by a pissed-off Dilophosaurus1993
64. Having a spike-filled metal mask hammered onto your face1960
63. Getting raped to death in the shower by a snowman1997
62. Getting eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex while on the toilet1993
61. Playing the victim in an obsessed Elizabeth Bathory fan's dream come true2007
60. Getting pulverized by a falling stone pinnacle2007
59. Getting doused with toxic waste and then ran over1987
58. Having your face decimated by compact discs1992
57. Crossing paths with a vagina dentata2007
56. Ingesting a pill that makes you blow up like a balloon1973
55. Losing your head to a windowpane flying off of a flatbed truck1976
54. Getting flattened by a steamroller1986
53. Getting impaled on an umbrella1987
52. Meeting a TV, headfirst1987
51. Getting flattened by a sheet of plate glass2003
50. Having fish guts spread across your face for crows to peck2010
49. Being stuck inside a doggy door as a garage door opens1996
48. Being trapped inside a sleeping bag that's then smashed into a tree1988
47. Riding in a car that's run over by a psychotic stuntman2007
46. Being strapped to a bed for a year, unable to eat1995
45. Getting your head blown off by a shotgun1980
44. Becoming the human sacrifice in an otherwise joyous Pagan ritual1973
43. Losing your penis in a bathtub1978
42. Getting hung up by deer antlers while topless1984
41. Getting violently dragged across a ceiling while invisible blades savage your body1984
40. Inflating your body until it explodes1986
39. Having your eyes gouged out, back broken, and body thrown down an elevator shaft1990
38. Getting your head bitten off by Sasquatch2006
37. Being burned alive while trapped inside a tanning bed2006
36. Getting Impaled by Sylvester Stallone on a stalactite 1993
35. Sleeping on a mattress that's folded in half2003
34. Serving as the main course in a zombie feast1985
33. Getting sucked into a bed1984
HintMovie TitleYear
32. Catching a frisbee with your throat1987
31. Getting trapped inside a locked trailer, blind, with a poisonous snake on the loose2004
30. Getting sliced up by a spinning propeller1981
29. Having a shotgun rammed into your anus, ready to discharge2010
28. Sitting on a toilet in a stall full of angry bees1983
27. Getting stomped out by a leprechaun on a pogo stick1993
26. Having your head forced into a drill1980
25. Being stuffed into a wood chipper1996
24. Getting your head caved in by a hammer2012
23. Suffocating in the crapper of a dirty outhouse 1988
22. Getting sliced into little cubes by laser beams2002
21. Getting your head sliced open by a car engine2006
20. Having your face burned off by acid2004
19. Starring in a snuff film2011
18. Having your chest cut open by a huge buzzsaw2003
17. Writhing as a razor trap slices you to ribbons2005
16. Getting sliced clean in half by a glass door2001
15. Biting the curb1998
14. Getting your skull caved in by a fire extinguisher2002
13. Falling victim to head-exploding telekinesis 1980
12. Having a curling iron jammed into your private parts1983
11. Ripping your own face in half2008
10. Being slowly tortured to death and skinned alive2008
9. Willingly letting hungry lions rip you apart2008
8. Having your insides sucked into a swimming pool's drain2009
7. Having your face frozen and then smashed into bits2001
6. Getting your head smashed by a basketball1986
5. Having your face melted off by the Ark of the Covenant1981
4. Having your abdomen cut open with scissors2007
3. Serving as a nest for hundreds of cockroaches1982
2. Watching a baby alien burst out of your chest1979
1. Being the middle portion of a three-person human centipede2010

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