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Can you name the words that start with 'pro'??

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The pointed tine of a fork or a pointed, projecting part
A line or body of persons moving along in such a manner
To poke or jab
Lavish or wastefully extravagant
Descendant or offspring
Having a natural inclination
Highly honorable or creditable
Wage earning class or the poorest class who must sell their labor to survive
To go about stealthily
To beget or generate
To offer oneself sexually for money
To cause to increase in number or amount
Very likely
Any long, flexible snout
A person so authorized
To set forth or calculate something in the future
To project or cast forward
Agricultural products collectively
A question proposed for solution or discussion
Producing large quantities; producing with great frequency
A systemic series of actions directed to some end
A male mammalian gland that surrounds the neck of the bladder

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