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Can you name the Parts Of The Business Cycle?

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when a contraction bottoms out
type of unemployment where worker is temporarily between jobs, searching for a new one
indicator that moves ahead of the economy
if contraction continues for more than six months
when expansion follows a recession
factors within economy like monetary policy decision
cause of inflation where demand increases more than what the economy can produce
a type of unemployment where there is a layoff of workers due to downturn in the pace of the economy
cause of inflation where using input cost drives up prices
unemployment where workers are out of a job because there skills are no longer suitable for or do not match the types of jobs available
events outside of economy like innovations
periods of ups and downs un the level of economic activity
indicator that moves behind general economic trends
used to monitor the business cycle
GDP stops growing
if periods of recession or expansion don't occur and econonmy follows a steady growth
type of unemployment due to change in climate
indicator that moves up and down along with the economy
recession with rising prices
Black Tuesday was the beginning of this long term recession

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