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Main Character
Princess Serenity 
She Is The Smartest
Second Sailor Senshi/Schout 
She Can Read Fire
She works t a temple with her Grandfather 
She is Tough And good at fighting
She got transfered to Serena's School 
Her dream is to be a singer
She was a scout/senshi before any one 
White Cat
He's mina's 'pet' 
Blue/Purple cat
Serena's 'pet' 
Tuxedo Mask
Serena's future husband and future king of the earth 
Mini Moon
Serena and Tuxedo Mask's Future daughter 
Serena's little brother
Also known as Shingo 
Serena's Best Friend
She has the power to destroy the world
Sailor uranus
She is 1 grade ahead the other scouts 
sailor neptune
Amara's cousin 
she has the power of time
queen of the dark kingdom

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