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QuestionScene Name
What did the Chicken give Peter that started off their epic fight?Peter Fights A Chicken
What unusual ingredient did Meg bake into the pie she gives Brian?Cool Whip
Who is Quagmire speaking to when he says 'You are the worst person I know'? Quagmire Goes Off
Who wins the contest by going the longest without puking?Puke Contest
After getting Lois' attention, what does Stewie say before running off?Lois Mom Mum Mommy
In this scene, Stewie and Brian communicate using what?Over
One of the teeth that Stewie grows in this scene is called...New Teeth
What did Meg forget to do during the race?Meg Races an Amish Guy
What weapons does Stewie use to beat up Brian?Persuasive Action
Who else is in the room when Lois and Stewie are fighting?Oval Office Fight
Why does Peter think he can speak italian?Speaking Italian
In this scene, Lois compliments Brian's flea dip, Brian compliment's Louis, and Peter...Morning Potency
QuestionScene Name
What licks Peter's butt when he's sleeping?Crack Licker
When Peter backs into their house, who falls off of the second floor while still in the bathtub?That's Nasty
What humorous props does Bin Laden joke about using in his video message?A Message from Bin Laden
In this alternate universe, the world is run by...Pick Up My Poop
In this scene, Stewie spoofs what famous movie character?Ultimate Power in the Universe
The miracle Jesus preforms is to turn everyone's dinner into...Dinner With Jesus
Stewie is planning to wage war against the man in...Join Me In Battle
Brian is called a pervert for panting behind a woman at what sporting event?Sweat Glands
Lois drives by Peter who is working a street corner as a...Peter's New Job
What objects are caught in Peter's gravitational pull?Gravitational Pull
What does Lois use to get Brian to tell her where Peter and Chris went?Getting Brian to Talk
What is Brian doing before Meg gets him to run after the cross?Fetching a Cross

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