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Can you name the stories of the Brothers Grimm?

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AOld woman goes to church, sees dead people, dies three days later.
BBoy uses cheese to choose a bride.
CSisters cut off body parts to fit in a shoe-- it doesn't work.
DThe chicken that doesn't share dies. Eventually everyone else dies too.
EGod giveth, God taketh, then God givith it back... for the sake of the birds.
FMan catches a royal fish and his wife becomes the pope.
GPoor man picks Death over God and the Devil, his son becomes a doctor.
HChildren eat old lady's house, old lady plans to eat them.
ILost Princess thinks she promised to marry a stove, finds out there's a prince inside.
JMan dreams of flower that helps him defeat a witch and save his singing fiancee.
KPicky Princess scorns suitors, must marry following fellow. Rejected royal barbers beard.
LHunter hears snoring, finds wolf in grandma's clothing.
MLong lost son returns only to reveal that he is living a lavish life of crime.
NNegligent merchant gets home late, blames fastener.
ODumb girl throws away perfectly good materials, servant takes them to make a dress. Dumb girl gets jilted for the servant.
PAfter her father is jailed because he didn't listen to her advice, a girl takes off her clothes, puts on a net, and is dragged by a donkey so she can marry a king.
QThree brothers try to save a castle from an enchantment. Two turn to stone, the youngest is helped by ants, ducks, and bees.
RIf you can't guess this story's name, I get your firstborn child.
SQueen tries to kill a beauty first using pretty laces, then a comb, then an apple.
TPoor couple has son the size of a finger.
UBoy hides dinner from dad, ends up with a toad on his face.
WA servant is sent out to find a cow, chases blackbirds instead.
YThumb-sized boy grows into a very large man who punishes greedy bosses.

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