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Can you name the these icons of pop culture that include 'man' or 'men' in their name?

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TV ShowRecently sacked star loves Tiger Blood
TV ShowDapper Don Draper
TV Show60s spy series
TV ShowFeatures a very valuable individual...
TV ShowFeatures a Bear who happens to be a man...
MovieA courthouse gone mad
MovieCoen brothers film
MovieLeonard Nimoy's most successful directing work
MovieClive Owen and women who can't get pregnant
MovieA Spike Lee joint
MovieYeah baby, yeah!
MovieA Great Depression-era boxing story
BookAn Ian Fleming novel
BookRalph Ellison or HG Wells story
BookHemingway tale involving the ocean
BookRobert Penn Warren tale with name inspired by Humpty Dumpty
Play/MusicalDrama involving Henry VIII and Sir Thomas More
Play/MusicalMuch-plagued musical about a webslinger
Play/MusicalBased off of the adventures of Don Quixote
Musician/Band'Who Let the Dogs Out?'
Musician/BandBefore the Beatles, John Lennon was a member of...
Musician/BandThey live in the land Down Under
Musician/BandCanadian band with the hit 'Bad Girlfriend'
Musician/BandMexican band focusing on latin rock and pop
SongDusty Springfield
SongBlues Brothers #1 Hit (Cover)
SongAlso a character in Yellow Submarine
Song'...cause after all he's just a man'
SongEvery girl's crazy for one of these in this ZZ Top song
SongMichael Jackson ballad about becoming a better man
Answer TypeAnswerHint
Famous CharactersThe X Files Villain
Famous CharactersLeonardo Da Vinci drawing
Famous CharactersBeware the full moon...
Famous CharactersAn evil wizard in The Lord of the Rings
Famous CharactersRun, run, run, as fast as you can, you can't catch me...
Famous CharactersJeff Bridges character from the 80s
SuperheroesYour Friendly Neighborhood...
SuperheroesSome call him The Dark Knight....others call him on the Batphone
SuperheroesMarvel's super team
SuperheroesOut of this world member of the Justice League
SuperheroesMore famous out of this world member of the Justice League
SuperheroesA Pretty Cool Guy...
SuperheroesSometimes preferable to Paper Man
Superheroesnot to be confused with the Man of Steel
Video GamesClassic arcade game
Video GamesClassic arcade game. Beat bosses. Get new weapons.
Video GamesA maze-like game featuring lots of bombs
Video GamesVillian in the Sonic Franchise
Sports/RecreationPrimier League Soccer Team
Sports/RecreationAlso a Village People dance hit
Sports/RecreationThree quarterbacks share this last name
Sports/RecreationFilipino professional boxer
PeopleThe man who plays Wolverine
PeopleNot a man, voices a character in Tangled
PeopleActor who also has his own dressing
PeopleSulley in Monsters, Inc., and Walter in The Big Lebowski
PeopleAuthor of 'The Golden Compass'
PlacesCountry, but also an expression of frustration
PlacesCapital of Philippines

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