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QUIZ: Can you name the song by the crime committed within it?

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Broke into ex-girlfriend's apartment after she didn't change the lock or make him leave the key (Trespassing)
Put a gun against a man's head and pulled the trigger (Murder)
Spent large amounts of time in a brothel in New Orleans (Prostitution/Hiring Prostitutes)
Shot the sheriff, allegedly in self-defense (Assault/Murder)
Backed their car into a cop car the other day (Property Damage)
Escaped from jail and went on the run (Prison Escape)
Was cruel to his woman, beat her, and kept her away from the things that she loved (Assualt/Harassment)
Couldn't drive the speed limit on the freeway (Speeding)
Arrived just in time to the scene of the crime (Vigilantism)
Shot a man in Reno just to watch him die (Murder)

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