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DefinitionWTF WordPattern
a feeling of satisfaction or lingering light-FT-----W
to catch birds at night by blinding them with a light and knocking them down with a stick--TF-W-
a female artisan---FT-W----
a decline or falling wind--W----FT
to change into a lower gear--W----FT
an Islamic decree often associated with death sentencesF-TW-
a boxer who does not exceed 125 poundsF--T---W----T
a strong alcoholic liquorF---W-T--
a fastball pitcher or fiery weapon depicted in action moviesF----T---W--
table utensils used at place settingsF--TW---
laundry that can be finished mechanically and does not require hand ironingF--TW---
liquid that spills over a failing leveeF----W-T--
a rounded earthen container for growing plantsF--W----T
a flat piece of plastic on a stick used to kill insectsF---W-TT--
a narrow path for pedestriansF--TW--
immediately (in legalese)F--T-W-T-
did without or abstained fromF--W--T
an aquatic environment away from the seaF----W-T--
the edible green flesh of a Chinese gooseberry, designated from birds or people--W-F---T
away from the right direction, but not necessarily in the wrong direction--FTW---
DefinitionWTF WordPattern
a mature wrinkled pea used in making mushy peas-----WF-T
a mound of white ice crystals sculpted by the wind---W---FT
programs of digital instructions that tell computers what to do--FTW---
direct or free from evasiveness-T-----TF--W---
capable of moving with great speed-W-FT
local inhabitants related to villagers but not quite urbanitesT-W--F---
the day of Christmas on which 'drummers drumming' were allegedly givenTW--FT-
a cheap item of merchandise, usually sold at half the normal priceTW-F--
a hiking boot with a ridged soleW-FF---T-----
to drift or lightly float on the airW-FT
restaurant personnel employed to serve customersW--T-T-FF
lavish or given to squandering resourcesW--T-F--
a boat or skill in aquatic activitiesW-T-----FT
impervious to fluidW-T------F
a Hereford bovine or clown makeupW--T-F---
a white tank top worn by men who don't necessarily abuse their spousesW-F----T--
musingly sad or denoting an unfulfilled desireW--TF--
the use of sorcery or magicW-T-----FT
filled with strong vengeful anger, perhaps even deadlyW--T-F--
a tetragonal mineral named for an Austrian mineralogist, usually occurring in orange-yellow crystalsW--F---T-
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Tags:Words, WTF

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