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Can you complete the quotes from the Blackrock Chronicles?

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QuoteMissing wordSaid by...
'I like purple, purple is ___'Zoey
'Zoey is ___ but she's my kind of ___'Rythian
I did it Rythian. I saved our ___'Written on B.A.R.R.Y
'A ___ HARMONICA! I actually have a ___ harmonica in my chest!'Zoey
'My volcano baby's now a ___ and that's a weird sentence to say' Zoey (Singing Mushroom Prison Blues)
'Let me tell you a story about a boy and a girl and a land of ___ and monsters.'Rythian (Narrating)
'I miss you, I ___ you, I love you.'Rythian (Over the Mushnet)
QuoteMissing wordSaid by...
'See, I'm flying right now' 'That's probably a ___ or something'Zoey and Rythian
'Harsh words! harsh words from a man in a ___ suit!'Rythian
I had a ___ village!'Zoey
'She... She was ___'Rythian
'This ___ is completely science-free... which means it doesn't work!'Zoey
'The Ballistics, Assimilation, Research, Recon and ___ initiative,'What B.A.R.R.Y stands for

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