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Can you name the Harry Potter characters described by each Limerick?

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LimerickCharacter Name
I pursued a young filly named Lily
But to call her a mudblood was silly
Joined Dumbledore’s crew
And Voldemort’s too
Nagini left my body chilly
For the most part I’m a nice guy
Except when the full moon is nigh
Even though I turn hairy
Tonks got me to marry
I’m the last marauder to die
At Durmstrang I taught Viktor Krum
And once I was You-Know-Who’s chum
But when he returned
His friendship I spurned
In hindsight I see that was dumb
Get a load of my goggling eye
I’ve a wooden foot, shin, calf and thigh
Spent a year in a trunk
My nose lacks a chunk
My drinks come from my own supply
I loved divination with Sybill
And love notes to Won-Won I scribble
But Granger got Ron
And now I am gone
Cuz Fenrir preferred me to kibble
Want a wand to perform every trick?
Ask me, I’ll get one for you quick
I was tortured a bit
And I have to admit
That I told Tom about the Death Stick
LimerickCharacter Name
Old age made me a bit barmy
The presence of mudbloods will jar me
But RAB’s locket
Put me in Harry’s pocket
I led the Hogwart’s house elf army
With Gryffindors I tend to clash
And Potter’s face I’d like to smash
I have thick arms it’s true
And a pudding-bowl ‘do
My Fiendfyre reduced me to ash
Deeds I claim to have done are to blame
For giving me undeserved fame
But my memory charm
Caused irreparable harm
I can’t even remember my name
I’m considered a bit of a berk
And I have the occasional quirk
I have corks ‘round my neck
And I wear Spectrespecs
To watch out for the wrackspurts that lurk
Before Harry I married, take heed:
I once did a horrible deed
I got played for a schnook
By Tom Riddle’s book
And Salazar’s monster I freed
A talent for magic I lack
And I won’t cut a rule-breaker slack
Peeves drives me insane
I’d put students in chains
Can someone please bring Umbridge back?

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