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What are the Functions of the skeletal system
The Body 
Internal Organs 
Parts of a Long Bone
Ends of bones 
Area where the bone grows 
Shaft of bone 
Membrane on the outside of the bone 
Membrane on the inside of the Medullary Canal 
Inner cavity of long bone 
Makes bloods cells 
Stores Fat 
Types of Bones
Has holes in it, found in epiphysis 
Hard bone, found in diaphysis 
Bone Formation
Process of cartilage turning into bone 
Mineral needed for bone growth 
Helps stregthen bones 
Bone Cells
Maintain the bone 
Build bones 
Destroy bones 
Bone Structure
Microscopic channels containing blood vessels 
Do not move at all 
Move a little Ex: Ribs 
Allow the most movement 
Type of joint allowing freest movement, Ex: Shoulder 
Allow movement on one plane 
Bone rotates on central axis, Ex: Cranium on vertebrae 
one bone glides over the other, Ex: Patella and Femur 
An oval shaped surface fits into a concave cavity 
2 Concave surfaces fit against concave surface 
Type of Movement
Bending or decreasing the angle of bones 
Increasing the angle of 2 bones 
Turning on an axis 
Pulling away from the midline 
Going towards the midline 
Structures Found in Joints
Covers the end of long bones 
Lubrication fluid to help joints move easily 
Sac of fluid acting as a cushion for weight bearing joints 
Attach bone to muscle 
Connect Bone to Muscle 
Axial Skeleton
In order on notes 
In order on notes 
In order on notes 
In order on notes 
Appendicular Skeleton
Any answer from notes 
Disorder & Diseases
Bacterial infection of the bone 
Swollen or inflammed joint  
Type of arthritis that is caused by the immune system 
Cartilage worn away from overuse 
Bones become brittle, less dense, & break easy 

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