Can You name all the songs adam lambert has ever sung

Can you name the Adam Lambert songs

lyricsName Of Song
hey slow it down
the flashin of the lights it might feel so good but like how you stuck on my mind the flashin of the stage it might keep me high but it don't mean a thing tonight
playin in a rockin roll band
can nip and honey tea timin all over town
im alone head strong now we on a mission
they say ive got no right to question a life without hope
hello teacher tell me whats my lesson
from the back to middle and around im gonna be there till the end
left right step up to the spotlight why you actin uptight im takin you to skool
second hours so many days you know what ya want but how long can you wait
tower of bable is fallin down again
breakin through the boundaries rollin on strollinon they wont ever find me after all well have a ball
lifes my light and liberty and shine when wunna shine yeah
i dont wunna let a minute get away
away i wunna lose my mind wuna lose my mind yeah gonna party til they take us
drink the potions cause commotions got them feelin strong emotions
but i'm sick of livin for other people it took meetin you to realize
there it goes You're still my soul and so
ravage me take your time swallow me
love is a burnin thing and it makes firey ring
people say im the life of the party
all you think is gimme gimme but you nevea give bakck
when the stars are too cold frozen over the glow on the edge of the night we can be there light
starin at the celin in the dark my sheets are in a knot my heart is like a rock
my hearts beatin faster I know what i'm after
baby better whatch your step nevamind whats on the left
everywhree we go im lookin for the sun nowhere to grow old
she wants to be up there in the air where the clouds live
it late at night i cant sleep missin you just runs to deep
i wanna start a revolution a type a personal solution we all havegot our own pollution
lyricsName Of Song
i saw a picture of you hangin in a empty hallwayi heard a voice that i knew
have you lost your way livin in the shadow of the messes that you make
november not much to remember you were not in sight december change of the wheather
when i'm driven in my car and that man comes on the radaio hes tellin me more more about some useless information
im in the mood yeah the rythem is right
so hot off the box can we pick up the pace
i was born by the river in a little tent Oh and just like the river I've been runnin since then
you run away from everything that you fear
i seem to be to **** lucky i found the key to endless treasure
its a new dawn its a new day you know how i feel
they wanna ride on the rocket ship ride around the moon for velvet kiss
cold as ice and more bitter than a december
i took my baby on a staurday bang boy is thatgirl with you yes were one and the same
the star collide they fall to earth alive as my hunger hieghts desires that are burning ready to land yeah isall over come and when your numb a deeper breath comes out
well i can't remember much at all before the fallso tell me whyyou're here lookin over my shoulder
moonshine on bayou love shrine break the taboo i wanna know whats in your potion bound by total devotion
and sink like a stone walk home alone it's not the first time it's not the worst crime your soul will be OK
when i was so broken hearted love wasn't much of a friend of my
get your motor runnin head out on the high way
dnt know why im surviving every lonely day
you need coolin baby im not foolin im gonna send you back to schoolin
Go on and gimmie a shot gonna knock it back forget all my blues
broken peices break into me so imperfectly what you should be -
i had a vision that all the colours had bled away
so they paved the road back to providence and lined up the memories
lonely yeah thats the word i leave my heart when i leave her
i was going blind almost lost my mind letting go that we could share i'll love you always connections like ours are not made to fade
i dont know the reason let's just make a choicelet's throw out the caution
so one of us has to go, we know one of us, yeah
say your prayers little one don't forget my sonto include everyone
lyricsName Of Song
thank you for the castle thank you for all the castles
i ca't find you in the smoke the night is burningas we choke
im not preaching i just wanna tell youdon't buy what these people will sell you i'm not preaching i just wanna tell you
so up high shouting why cant everybody look
im sinking in emancipationnut i know that it show that i'm atching you
i paid my dues time after time i've my sentence but committed no crime and bad mistakes i've made a few i've had my share of sand kicked in my face but i've come through
tie up my hands tonight don't let me go
if i say i'm sorry it's just me telling a lie whe nyour in my arms i feel emptier inside i never felt so satisfied
congresss perfomance. in detroit, a pontiac, michiganyouth was reported dead at the scene of a head-oncollision on grand avenue this morning
guess it was not meant to be it's not as bad as it seems
you turn just to spite me you run where i can not see you walk all over me but you wont you wont
friends say it's fine friends say it's good everybodysays it's just like robin hood

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