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Can you name these 55 essential German verbs?

Quiz Updated Oct 5, 2013

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English translationVerb
To buy
To say; tell; speak
To die
To be
To throw, hurl, fling
To go; walk
To want; intend
To ask (a question)
To know (a fact)
To need
To have
To sit
To belong, own
To give
To speak
To work
To lie; be situated
To know (by acquaintance)
To put, place
To believe
To sleep
To come
To travel; drive; ride; go
To take
To carry; wear
To have to; must
To like; want; may
To live
English translationVerb
To make; do
To stand
To be able (can)
To reside, live
To eat
To pull, draw; go, move
To meet; hit
To bring
To let; leave; allow; abandon; stop
To play
To get, receive; agree with
To hear, listen
To be called or named
To lay, put, place
To write
To be supposed to; ought (should)
To hold; stop; consider
To find
To think
To see
To become; shall or will; be
To wait
To help
To do; make; put; act
To hit; beat; strike
To run; walk; function
To remain, stay; keep

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