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Can you name the important facts for China, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance & Reformation?

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CHINA=What is another name for animal bones that priests used?
What cycle had a pattern of rise decline and replacement?
What is the name for respecting your elders?
What is a trained civil service?
What is the philosophy of Laozi?
What is the system that was based on rewards and punishments?
What are the two powers that together represented the natural rhythms of life?
This dynasty replaced the Zhou Dynasty?
What admiral was the leader of 7 voyages?
Another name for the Huang He river is?
Name of the influential Mongol who took control of China?
Who was China's most influential scholar?
. Invention that could arrange blocks of individual characters in a frame to make a page for printing?
What was the most important good exported from China?
What was the name of the dynasty to take power after the Tang collapsed?
Who was the explorer from Italy that was employed by the Great Khan?
The only European nation to get a trading deal with China?
MID AGES=Who were the Germanic people that held power in the Roman province of Gaul?
Who is the leader of the Franks that converted his troops to Christianity?
What were religious communities built by the Church called?
Who were the northern people who invaded Western Europe from 800-1000 A.D.?
What was the name of the social order/political system present in Europe in year 911?
What was the lowest social status in feudalism?
What is the term for a church tax?
What percent of money from a person’s income went towards the church tax?
What is the name of the ideal that involves a knight’s bravery and willingness to fight others?
What was the expansion of trade and business in the Middle Ages called?
What is the practice of Bishops selling positions in the Church?
What is the practice of Kings appointing Bishops?
. Round arches, heavy roof held up by thick walls and pillars, tiny windows are all characteristics of what type of Cathedral?
Huge stain glass windows, open, grand, upward reaching are all characteristics of what type of Cathedral?
During the Middle Ages what event mainly helped increase Europe's trade, the rise of middle class, kings power and cultural diffusion?
What Pope called for the Crusades?
Who was the leader of the Turks that fought against Richard the Lion-Hearted?
REN=What does the word “Renaissance” mean?
What is a Renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements?
What is the name of a person who supports artists, especially financially?
What is an artistic technique that creates the appearance of three dimensions on a flat surface?
What was the everyday language of the people in a region or country?
Who was the most famous writer of the Elizabethan Age?
. Who developed the printing press?
Who painted the Mona Lisa?
Who wrote the political guidebook, The Prince?
What was the name of the powerful banking family who dominated Florence?
. Who painted the school of Athens?
This statue was the 1st European sculpture of a large, free-standing nude since ancient times?
Where did the Renaissance people want to revive works from (Two places)?
What city did the Italian Renaissance start in?
What city did the Northern Renaissance start in?
Defended women in her book, 'The Book of City Ladies?'
REF=Who wrote the 95 Theses?
What was the main problem Martin Luther had with the Church?
Who was the main seller of indulgences?
What was the agreement that allowed a ruler to chose religion of his state?
What did King Henry VIII ask the pope for?
Who called for the Council of Trent?
Who compiled the Index of Forbidden Books?
What was the movement that Catholics took to reform itself?
Who baptized only those old enough to decide to be Christian?
Who started Jesuit order?
What was the name of the church created by Elizabeth I?
What were the followers of John Knox's beliefs called?

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