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Can you name the important facts from Islam, India & Africa?

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ISLAM=The ancient shrine in Mecca that Muslims worship is called what?
The Islam God is called what?
Whose voice did Muhammad hear in the cave?
Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina is known as what?
Faith, prayer, alms, fasting, pilgrimage are referred to as?
Holy Book of the Muslims?
Sect of Islam that Believed that the caliph must be a descendant of Muhammad?
Sect of Islam that rejected luxuries and instead focused on religious devotion?
What group overthrew the Umayyads?
Where did the Abbasids move the capital to?
What was the name of the library, academy, and translation center in Baghdad called?
Under which leader did the Ottoman Empire reach its height?
System that drafted Christian boys and trained them as warriors?
Shah Abbas ruled during the Golden Age of what Muslim Empire?
What powerful Muslim empire developed in India?
How many times a day must an avid Muslim pray?
Who was the first rightly-guided caliph?
What is the name of the laws of Islam?
What is the inner struggle against evil?
What is the name of the Abassid ruling Muslim state located in Spain?
INDIA=What is the major mountain range that separates the Indian Subcontinent from the rest of Asia?
What two major rivers flow through India?
What is the Indus River Valley civilization called?
What advanced technology was the city-state of Mohenjo-Daro known for?
What was the sacred literature of the Aryans?
What was the top caste in India?
What religion is associated with the Vedic Hymns?
What is the idea that a souls good and bad deeds are carried with them into their next life?
When Chandragupta claimed the throne in the lower Ganges River kingdom, he began what empire?
In what religion can one reach the state of nirvana?
What are the trade routes from China to Western Asia to Rome called?
What seasonal winds in India bring dry air in the winter and moist air in the summer?
In Hinduism, what was the state of perfect understanding?
What king was responsible for the Golden Age of the Mauryan Empire?
What sect of Buddhism accepted the new doctrines?
What were the stone structures built over Buddhist relics?
What is the landmass that includes India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh referred to as?
To reach the Buddhist release from selfishness and pain, one must follow what?
AFRICA=What is the name for the land at the southern edge of the Sahara called?
What type of lifestyle did the early African hunter-gatherers live?
What is the religion where spirits play an important role in natural elements?
What was Africa's earliest known culture?
What metal was very important in African society?
What is the permanent movement from one region to another?
What language was spoken by the people south of the Sahara?
Ezana was the powerful ruler of what kingdom?
Agricultural method used in Africa to protect plants on a hillside from being destroyed by an abundance of rain?
What religion did Ezana convert to?
What ocean is to the East of Africa?
What is the largest desert in North Africa?
What part of Africa is sometimes called nature's greenhouse?
What are grassy plains called?
What are African storytellers called?
What are the causes for migrating to and from areas? What are the causes for migrating to and from areas?
What trade system was important to African wealth?
Who was Mali's first great leader that promoted agriculture and overthrew an unpopular leader?
Which ruler of Mali built mosques and supported Islamic preachers?
Who traveled throughout Africa and promoted the proper study of the Qur'an?

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