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WWII=What country did Germany form an anchluss or union between that was prohibited by the Treaty of Versailles?
What was Germany's military strategy of lightening fast warfare?
Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain that favored appeasement?
What German general was sent to Africa nicknamed 'desert fox?'
What Japanese strategist called for the attack on Pearl harbor?
What battle turned the tide in the Pacific?
Who invented the 'island-hopping' strategy in the Pacific?
Who did the Germans consider the 'master race?'
What was the genocide of the slaughter of 6 million Jews?
What was Hitler's plan to eliminate the Jews?
What were the segregated areas for the Jews prior to the establishment of concentration camps?
What was the largest land and sea attack in history?
Who was the supreme commander of the US forces in Europe?
What was the nickname of the 1st atomic bomb?
What was the nickname of the 2nd atomic bomb?
What was Kristallnacht translated to?
Two cities that the atomic bombs were dropped on?
CHINA=What did the British sell to China to balance trade?
What rebellion was led by Hong Xiuquan to address social issues, poverty and gender inequality?
What rebellion sought to eliminate foreign presence in China especially Christian missionaries?
The US proposed this policy to allow all nations to trade within China?
Who was the leader of the Communist Revolution in China?
Jiang Jieshi was the leader who opposed Mao and was head of what party?
What was the six thousand mile journey of Mao's troops through the countryside?
The Nationalist and Communists put aside their differences in 1937 when this country invaded China?
Deng Xiaoping altered the Chinese economy when he implemented this program to allow more capitalism?
What was the name of the protest in which students in China demanded more political freedom?

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