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1Free-market, non-interventionist foreign policy, ended Manifest Destiny through Clayton-Bulwer Treaty, opposed Henry Clay's American System, peaceful treatment of Indians
2Very fair Indian policy, negotiated treaty with China for free trade, expelled from his own party for battling Big Government, ended the Second Seminole War, did not intervene in Dorr's Rebellion in RI
3Non-interventionist, revoked excise taxes and balanced the budget, advocated for the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, did pretty much nothing
4Vetoed corporate welfare, non-interventionist, refused to back his famous Doctrine with the use of force by signing a non-aggression treaty with Britain
5Supported presidential term limits, opposed central banking and paper money, withdrew U.S. troops from the South
6Vetoed almost everything, supported the gold standard, refused to annex Hawaii, turned down treaty with Britain that would exploit the Congo
7Opposed the 14th Amendment, fought radical Reconstruction, gave Confederates amnesty
8Opposed the League of Nations, vetoed subsidies and bailouts, paid off federal debt, granted Native Americans citizenship
9Abolished slave trade in D.C., helped work out the Compromise of 1850
10Favored gold and silver standards, did not intervene with market regulation during the Panic of 1837, lowered tariffs, avoided war with Canada over Maine border
43Started the Civil War, instituted the first military draft, supported huge tariff and income tax hikes, ran unprecedented deficits, ended the gold standard, censored the press, suspended habeas corpus, deported freed slaves
42Entered World War I, imposed conscription, started the Federal Reserve, instituted Prohibition, nationalized the economy, attempted to form the League of Nations, intervened in Haiti and Nicaragua
41Entered World War II, set up Japanese internment camps, increased income taxes by 94%, set precedent of permanent foreign intervention, attempted to stack the Supreme Court, served 4 terms
40Undeclared wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, huge spending, prolonged laws against gay marriage and marijuana from passing, signed PATRIOT Act, allowed torture, signed the 2008 bailout
39Dropped two nuclear bombs on civilians, started an undeclared war in Korea, created the CIA, controlled prices, created an Israeli state, saw massive inflation
38Started the undeclared Vietnam War, lied about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, implemented his Great Society with Medicare and Medicaid, ran a huge deficit
37Started the Spanish-American War and Philippine War and Boxer Rebellion, expansionist/imperialist policies, established an empire presence in Asia
36Continued the undeclared Vietnam War, continued the draft, created the DEA and started the War on Drugs, supported Pakistan genocide against India, officially ended the gold standard.
35Intervened in Nicaragua, controlled prices, strongly enforced the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
34Imperialist foreign policy, expanded the military, occupied Panama, expanded the money supply, planted the seeds for the FDA, established a tradition of a powerful Executive, supported anti-trust suits, began the Progressive Movement

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