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Can you name the Rulers of Finland since 1521?

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1521-1560King of Sweden
1560-1568King of Sweden
1568-1592King of Sweden
1592-1599King of Sweden
1599-1611King of Sweden
1611-1632King of Sweden
1632-1654Queen of Sweden
1654-1660King of Sweden
1660-1697King of Sweden
1697-1718King of Sweden
1718-1720Queen of Sweden
1720-1751King of Sweden
1751-1771King of Sweden
1771-1792King of Sweden
1792-1809King of Sweden
1809-1825Emperor of Russia
1825-1855Emperor of Russia
1855-1881Emperor of Russia
1881-1894Emperor of Russia
1894-1917Emperor of Russia
1917Prime Minister of Russia
1917Prime Minister of Russia
1917Leader of Soviet Russia
1918Regent of Finland
1918-1919Regent of Finland
1919-1925President of Finland
1925-1931President of Finland
1931-1937President of Finland
1937-1940President of Finland
1940-1944President of Finland
1944-1946President of Finland
1946-1956President of Finland
1956-1982President of Finland
1982-1994President of Finland
1994-2000President of Finland
2000-2012President of Finland
2012-President of Finland

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